Warranty, Authenticity Guarantee & Return Policy

All Melrose Jewelers’ Watches come with the following:



Melrose Jewelers is the leading online retailer of pre-owned Rolex watches in the world. All of our watches are adjusted for timing prior to shipment and must pass stringent tests to meet over 50 additional quality specifications (e.g. case luster, band tightness, crystal gloss, diamond color/clarity, etc.). Each watch goes through a 5-hour polishing and timing-adjustment process in order to meet and exceed factory chronometer specifications. As a result, it is rare that we ever receive a watch for warranty repair. Nevertheless, your watch is warranted to be free of any manufacturing or assembly defects for the period of 1 year unless otherwise noted on your sale page. This warranty covers the functionality of the watch’s timekeeping movement. This warranty excludes external wear and tear or damage including that to the band, case, crystal, hands, and clasp of your watch. In most cases, if you purchased a watch from us and incur a problem with the exterior of your watch due to excessive wear, we can suggest or provide repair services or parts for your watch to you at our wholesale cost. In addition, an extended insurance warranty which covers accidental wear and tear is available at an additional cost.

Please keep in mind when contacting us with your questions regarding warranty repairs that we are an online retailer similar to Amazon.com or Blue Nile, not a full-service jewelry store. Hence, while we usually respond to inquiries within 24 hours, during non-business hours and busy times of the year it may take us slightly longer to respond to your email inquiry or phone call. Our turnaround time for warranty repairs is generally 7 to 10 business days, not 6 to 8 weeks as it is with most watch manufacturers. We ask that you be patient with us should we need to repair your timepiece.

Please Note: While new Rolex watches are guaranteed to be waterproof for one year when purchased directly from a Rolex dealer, after this period there is simply no way to absolutely ensure that your watch will be 100% waterproof. Preowned Rolex & Rolex Subsidiary Watches are not “Waterproof” and thus our warranty does not cover water damage, including crystal fogginess or movement damage. We recommend that customers treat their watches as “water resistant” and thus do not expose their watches to an amount of water more than a small splash from washing one’s hands. This policy is standard across all Preowned Rolex watch retailers.


Upon receipt in our office, each of our watches is inspected for authenticity by our expert watchmakers. In addition, each watch we ship comes with a full, independent appraisal from the Los Angeles International Gemological Laboratory, verifying its authenticity and retail replacement value. A sample can be viewed below.

Our watches are Guaranteed to have Genuine Rolex Watch Parts as follows:

All of our Datejust & President models have Original Rolex parts including the Case, Caseback, Movement Parts (100+ parts), and Crown Winder, unless otherwise noted in the product description. All our watches come with brand new Italian-made aftermarket 18k, 18k & Stainless Steel or other material replacement bracelets unless otherwise noted in the product description. This is because the original band has often become very loose as its mineral content is soft and malleable and thus the band needs to be replaced approximately every 10 years with normal wear.

Please Note: All natural diamonds on our watches are custom additions as they are very seldom sold by Rolex independently. All dials are original Rolex dials that have been refinished. Unless denoted in the product description, all crystals will be aftermarket scratch-proof sapphire conversion replacements of the original non scratch-resistant plastic crystal. In addition, certain disposable/replaceable parts (gaskets, hands, band pins) may or may not be original depending on availability.

In order to verify your Rolex’s manufacture information you may view its Serial #, Model #, Case back ID, and Movement Signature (the 4 primary verification methods used by professionals) by looking between its bottom lugs (where the band connects to the case), top lugs, and by opening the watch’s Case back respectively. If you are ever told that a watch is not authentic ask if the individual or store performed these four verification tests, as these are the only “full-proof” verification methods. If you are told by a jeweler or watchmaker that your watch does not contain Rolex parts as stated above and would like to invoke our genuine Rolex parts guarantee, you must present a ”watchmaker” or “jeweler” with your watch as well as the appraisal from the L.A.I.G.L, and obtain and fax to us proof on the industry professional’s letterhead of a full inspection showing that all 4 areas described above are non-Rolex. We will then immediately issue you a replacement or refund.

Please Note: Due to Rolex, S.A.’s sale policies, Rolex authorized retail dealers are prohibited from providing verification of pre-owned Rolex watches with diamond or other additions. Hence, if seeking third party verification of your Rolex, we strongly recommend you seek the advice of an independent high-end “Watchmaker” or “Watch Repair” shop as can be found under “Jewelry & Watch Repair” in your local yellow pages.


As the leading online retailer of pre-owned Rolex watches, Melrose Jewelers continues to provide the best value to customers in the market. While we are confident that you will enjoy your purchase from us, we also ask that you keep in mind that we can only continue to provide such value because we do not operate as a full-service jewelry store. We simply ask that you keep this in mind and please be patient when contacting us regarding Returns, Exchanges, and Warranty Repair.

All of our customers have a Three Day Inspection Period to evaluate their watch and make sure it is 100% as described on our website, or return it for a full refund. Because we must carry the cost (and work) of every item we ship, any returns, or cancellations outside the scope of the reason stated above are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Beyond the Three Day Inspection Period, we will still honor requests for exchanges and/or upgrades at our sales manager’s discretion for up to 7 days after your original order.


We take issues of authenticity very seriously. Each of our watches comes with an independent appraisal from the Los Angeles International Gemological Laboratory verifying its authenticity. If, during the three day inspection period, you are told by a jeweler or watchmaker that your watch does not contain the Rolex parts stated above, you should present the individual or store with the appraisal from L.A.I.G.L, and fax us proof of a full inspection on the industry professional’s letterhead showing that the 4 areas mentioned above are non-Rolex Upon receipt we will immediately issue you a replacement or refund, 100% Guaranteed. In the event that you feel your watch is not as described, please carefully review the item description of your watch on our website, as well as the detailed Rolex Parts Guarantee above. Notify us of any discrepancy, and we will issue you a refund or replacement at your discretion, less shipping and handling.

Prior to returning any item, you must notify us of your intent and reason(s) for the return. Any merchandise that is returned will be thoroughly inspected and must be in Unused Condition. ‘Unused Condition’ means that there are no scratches or blemishes, that the watch does not show any signs of wear and tear, and that the item has not been sized or altered in any way. We cannot accept the return of an item with any indication that it has been used. Please be sure to include any and all documentation that you received with the item. Returns will not be honored without all accompanying documentation and original packaging. All returns require the request of a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). You may obtain this by contacting us via telephone on any one of the numbers listed on our Contact Us page linked-to above.

Melrose Jewelers is not responsible for any loss or damage to merchandise or packaging while in transit to our offices. Any loss or damage during shipping for a returned or exchanged item must be recovered from the shipping carrier used to send the package. All packages sent back to our offices should be insured for the full value of the item with the carrier used in case of loss or damage.


We can only accept cancellations of an order prior to 3 pm (PST) on the same day that the order is placed. Any order cancelled after the first day is subject to a 20% restocking fee. Please do not refuse the delivery of any item, as this might lead to an uninsured return and a risk of loss or theft. Any refused package is also subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Special Orders:

Please note that Special Orders, Custom Orders, and Orders with Additional Links are not eligible to be returned.
We do want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and thus we may be able to exchange or upgrade your purchase at our sales manager’s discretion.

Special/Custom Orders Include:

  • All Platinum Models
  • All White Gold Models
  • Any changes in watch configurations, including:


    • Changes to Bezel size or style
    • Changes to Dial color or style
    • Changes to band size or style


  • Changes to Bezels (including any bezels over 1.0 carats)
  • Any models not currently listed on our website
  • Any changes in watch configurations, including: