The Rolex Yacht-Master

The Rolex Yacht-Master

The Rolex model that became an instant hit in the market for its superb looks was the Rolex Yacht-Master, and it remains one of the most popular sports watches in the world. The first model 16628 was launched in the year 1992 and was made available only in 18k yellow gold. Seeing its surge in popularity, Rolex rolled out the following two new models of Yacht-Master just two years after it was introduced:

Model 69628: This model was exclusively launched for women. Hence, the size was quite small with its case being 29mm and the lugs 13mm. It was available only in 18k yellow gold.

Model 68628: This was a mid-sized watch that marked the introduction of a smaller professional Rolex wristwatch for the first time. While the case was only 34mm, its lugs were of 17mm. It was made available only in 18k yellow gold.

A major development took place in 1996 when Rolex released two-tone (stainless steel and yellow gold) versions of the above two models. The two-tone Yacht-Master for women was numbered as the 69623 and the mid-sized model as the 68623. However, if you want to go for an all-stainless-steel Rolex Yacht-Master, that is possible now as well--but only in mid-sized versions.

One year after the introduction of the two-tone versions, Rolex took one more step ahead in the form of a new model of Yacht-Master that was made available in Rolesium. Rolesium is a combination of stainless steel and platinum, the term being patented by Rolex in 1932. This model was an instant hit in the market, its success even being comparable to that of the stainless steel Daytona. Two reasons behind the success of the Platinum Yacht –Master, especially among young buyers, are described as follows:

  • The stainless steel and platinum finish has provided the watch with a unique look when compared to other Rolex watches.
  • The model is being produced by Rolex in limited numbers--which makes it an exclusive, and even more desirable, model.

The features that you find in a standard Rolex Yacht-Master Oyster Perpetual Date today are stainless steel case, special platinum time-lapse bezel, platinum dial, 31-jewel chronometer movement, synthetic sapphire crystal, and special men's or ladies' Oysterlock bracelet. You have the option of a special 18k yellow gold time lapse bezel as well. While a platinum dial is another option, if you are looking for a watch outfitted with jewels you also have the choice of a mother of pearl dial fitted with 8 round cut diamonds, 1 triangular and 2 baguette sapphires, and 1 triangular and 2 baguette rubies. With features like these, the Rolex Yacht-Master conveys the essence of luxury and class.