Which Rolex Watch Would Suit the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper: The Rolex Datejust

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RolexTo choose the right kind of watch for the most influential politician in Canada might seem like a superhuman task, but Rolex makes it uncomplicated. The Rolex Datejust would be the most subtle, classic and suitable watch for Stephen Harper. Harper is the first ever Canadian prime minister to be elected from the Conservative Party, which happened courtesy of the unification of the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative parties. The Rolex Datejust is also a unique piece because its inception was in 1945, the 40th anniversary of Rolex. Both Stephen Harper and the Rolex Datejust are first of sorts and believe in leading by example.

Harper and Datejust: The Names Echo Leadership

Beijing Olympic Games 2008Stephen Harper has been a member of the Canadian Parliament since 2002, after his victory from Calgary Southwest, Alberta. He was also one of the members who founded the Reform Party but later dropped out in favor of the head of the National Citizens Coalition. Just like Harper, the Rolex Datejust also signifies leadership as it has been said to be one of the premium watches fabricated by Rolex. Versatility is a common factor binding Harper and the Datejust because of Harper’s flexibility to slip into many roles and the watch’s ability to accommodate many designs and bracelets. Both Harper and Datejust are dynamic leaders in their own way, setting new trends in leadership.

2002 was the year when Harper became the leader of the Canadian Alliance and made his return as the opposition leader in Parliament. In the federal elections in October 2008, the Conservative party led by Harper won a strong majority thus setting up the pedestal for Harper to come to power. The 1970s was the time when the Datejust was fine-tuned and was given a much smaller profile. Saphire crystal was introduced to the watch to make it look slick. Both Stephen Harper and the Rolex Datejust symbolize leadership leading to effective change.

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