The Adventures Of Keanu Reeves And The Rolex DateJust Turn-o-Graph

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Keanu ReevesIt is the craving for adventure and ofcourse inherent courage, which makes a man capable of conquering the world. The aptitude for adventure and the fortitude to prevail is what binds Keanu Reeves and the Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph. Unrelenting determination to achieve and to find its rightful and well-deserved place among the scores of watches out there, the Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph epitomizes the core qualities that have driven Keanu Reeves to dizzying heights of success. Yet another masterpiece from Rolex- the Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph symbolizes true quality and incredible craftsmanship. Patience, passion and the resolute will to perform are qualities that are at the core of the Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph as well as in the heart of the incredibly resilient actor Keanu Reeves.

Time and again Keanu Reeves has proven to the world that daunting challenges are offered not only to men who seek to find their place among stars but also inspire and leave behind stories and legends of their courage. Born in the year 1964 Keanu Reeves, the amazingly talented actor has more than fifty movies to his credit. The long list of movies Keanu has starred in have been critically acclaimed as well as commercially successful. Fighting all odds to gain a foothold in the Hollywood industry Keanu has catapulted to join the list of Americas all time favorite actors. His Hawaiian name Keanu means a ‘cool breeze over the mountains’ and he himself personifies the same tranquility and a certain sense of harmony. He defeated dyslexia to finish his education and become the star hockey player of his school. Nicknamed ‘The Wall’ this courageous actor has had to battle many unforeseen hindrances to reach the top of the ladder. Playing the part of Neo in the Matrix movies, one of the most successful movie franchises of all time he captured the imagination of audiences around the world and has been recognized as a formidable actor in the Hollywood industry. All this fame and fortune has only come to him after years of trials and tribulations that have tested his strength, courage and character. But his indomitable will does not see any barriers and he has always moved beyond them to emerge triumphant.

Rolex-Turn-O-GraphThe Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph has been crafted by master craftsmen who drew on their incredible will to construct a watch that exudes passion and flawless performance. The Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph features a bi-directional bezel and displays the date at the 3’oclock position. This self-winding waterproof watch, which withstands pressure up to 330 feet, was launched way back in 1953. A symbol of adventure, the Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph features Mercedes style hands that replaced the pencil style hands after the earlier version was re-mastered to gain perfection and flawless performance. Its incredible design has been a source of inspiration to a number of watches around the world i.e. the inverted triangle on the top of the 12 o’ clock position. This steel and yellow gold watch uses the trademark 904L alloy of steel and features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The bracelet is as fantastic as the watch itself and is composed of more than a hundred moving parts that can be adjusted to give you the most prefect fit. Precise craftsmanship coupled with a passion to build an incredible watch have culminated to form the Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph.

Surmounting the toughest and most overwhelming challenges is essence of the Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph and Keanu Reeves. When the spirit is stronger than the most daunting of problems it has the ability to prevail and emerge as something that is not only the finest there ever was but more so as legend comes up in stories told for all eternity.

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