Shania Twain And Lady Perpetual; Raising The Bar

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Lady PerpetualOne of the many remarkable things about Rolex watches is that everything about them is amazing. You may begin from anywhere, but will end up with only one conclusion that Rolex watches are absolutely amazing. Right from the time when the Rolex watches were first launched in the first quarter of last century to the present day Rolex has always created sensations with each of its offerings. The impact of its watches is so profound that Rolex not only beats its competitors handsomely but also raises the standard in every aspect of watches. Rolex Lady Perpetual belongs to the same bunch of striking watches. Similar to it Shania Twain is also recognized for raising the bar in everything she does. Just like the Lady Perpetual everything about Shania is awesome. Her looks make her the cynosure of all eyes and through whatever she does she ensures that she raises the bar. If there is one similarity that defines Shania Twain as well as Rolex Lady Perpetual then it definitely is raising the bar in everything they do.

Shania TwainShania Twain was born as Eilleen Regina Edwards on August 28, 1965 in the city of Windsor, Ontario. She spent most of her childhood in Timmins, also in Ontario. She had a beautiful voice as a child and it seemed eminent that she would make it big as a singer. She was invited to sing on the Tommy Hunter Show on CBC while she was only 13. Her impressive performance won her loads of accolades. She became the lead singer of a band called Longshot and sung many covers. She got her first chance at an album when she gave backup vocals for the song Heavy on the Sunshine. That was a small but significant step for her career. She did many songs for sometime till in 1993 she debuted with her self-titled album in US and Canada. The album received critical acclaim and reached # 67 on the US Country Albums Chart. The same album was far more popular in the European continent where she went on to bag the Rising Video Star of the Year award as well.

She achieved a bigger success with her second album ‘The Woman in Me’ and her very first single from the album reached #11 on the Billboard Country Chart. There were many others songs in the album that became huge hits. With the rising expectations of her fans Shania brought out her third album Come on Over. The smash hit album raised the bar of singing and put her on the enviable top position among country singers. Each of the songs on the album told a story which all combined together to form her success story. She was flooded with admiration and awards. This became the best-selling album of all times for a female singer and the best-selling album in the whole history of country music. The only thing she now needed to do was something Rolex does, i.e. maintain the highest levels already set and nothing could have match her. The next album she came out with was Up! which reiterated that she belonged at the top. The only sensible thing that should have been done was to bring out a Greatest Hits album and she did exactly that in year 2004.

Shania TwainLady Perpetual just like Shania has achieved all there is to achieve. The watch on its part looks stunningly beautiful with smoother lines and distinctively enhanced dials. The watch comes in steel and combination of steel and 18 ct white gold. With 100 m water resistance and Sapphire crystal, Lady Perpetual makes sure that just like Shania Twain it raises the bar in the world of watches.

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