Rolex Advertisement Set In WWII A Favourite Among Canadian Air Force Pilots

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Rolex is one of the most long-standing luxury watch brands in the world. Their luxury watches have been an object of desire for more than 50 years now. Right from their celebrity endorsements to product launches, there is nothing regular or run off-the-mill when it comes to the classy brand, Rolex.

Rolex Ad set in World War IIRolex has always been renowned for its classic and unusual advertisements. One of the oldest Rolex advertisements dates back to December, 1941. If an individual goes through the archive of Rolex advertisements, it is easy to figure out the fact that Rolex was swift enough to trigger its marketing process in the right direction, depending upon the social conditions of a particular era.

Rolex OysterThis notion is echoed in an advertisement where Allied soldiers were used as the key influencing factor in order to trigger the sales of luxury Rolex watches. 1941 is a year when the entire world was enmeshed in the World War II. However, the effective advertisement and the positive results which it produced is an indicator of the fact that Rolex was effective enough to come up with bright ideas and maintain its high sales even when the world economy was facing a slowdown.

The era of World War II was a period when even the most successful Swiss companies were forced to suffer from the slump in economy. However, Rolex sales and the customer loyalty for this brand remained undeterred.

An article published in a Canadian daily, “La Presse” tells how this particular advertisement portrays two fighter planes and their respective pilots standing next to the planes, wearing their Rolex Oyster. The advertisement was particularly targeted at the Royal Canadian Air Force pilots. The ad also seems to convey the message that a luxury watch like Rolex is also equally fit to be worn in most demanding circumstances, such as wars.

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