Perceiving a Symphony: Rolex and Gregory

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Gregory Colbert's Vision- Ashes and SnowRolex has moved far beyond the original idea of merely manufacturing premium watches. Over the course of the many decades Rolex has been around it has actively supported numerous sports and cultural activities. The only criteria for endorsing such events is that these activities should be continuous in their pursuit towards achieving the highest form of human perfection that would redefine all preconceived notions. The Rolex Institute is an offshoot of the Rolex brand and it encompasses all philanthropic activities that include patronage, education initiatives and various specialized activities. The Rolex Institute honors and sustains individuals who have been able to flawlessly execute their craft in such a manner that the world looks on in absolute awe and amazement.. Among the patronage Rolex provides to exceptional artists the most significant is probably the sponsorship of a master artist Gregory Colbert who has transformed human vision through his monumental work ‘Ashes and Snow’.

The Rolex Institute LogoThe exceptional visionary Gregory Colbert was born in 1960 in Toronto, Canada. A man whose stature is defined by his incredible work that is as revolutionary as man breaking the shackles of gravity to finally soar among the clouds. His first exhibition was titled ‘Timewaves’ that premiered at Elysee in Switzerland in 1992 to raving reviews. After this exhibition this filmmaker and photographer began traveling the world and discovered how human thought could translate into art. Gregory Colbert launched more than sixty expeditions to the deserts, mountains, dry parched lands, lush valleys, placid lakes and cascading waterfalls across India, Burma, Kenya, Egypt, Antarctica, Sri Lanka and Dominica to capture the intriguing forces that bind man to nature. Over 130 different species of animals and numerous indigenous tribes, monks and trance dancers form a part of his colossal work ‘Ashes and Snow’. Ten years after his first exhibition Gregory premiered his mammoth work ‘Ashes and Snow’ in 2002 at Venice in Italy. Housed in a temporary bamboo structure that covers more than 12600 square meters the world finally laid their eyes on an exhibit that is extraordinary both in its magnitude and range. Prominent newspapers around the world wrote frenzied reviews about ‘Ashes and Snow’. Probably the largest one man shows to ever be exhibited in Europe this unprecedented body of work has the capacity to capture the viewer and transport the mind to a mood where patience and silence are the only aspects that govern the mind. Gregory Colbert chose to discover and comprehend the relationship of man with animals and the power that lies in the extraordinary harmonious interaction between the two. The nomadic museum a permanent home of these exhibits has traveled to New York City, California, Tokyo and Mexico City. Plans to exhibit the ‘Ashes and Snow’ in other areas around the world are already in the pipeline.

Ashes and Snow sponsored by RolexTill date this incomparable exhibit has drawn more than 10 million visitors that makes the ‘Ashes and Snow’ the most visited exhibit by any living artist on this planet. Gregory Colbert is responsible for launching the Flying Elephants campaign that patronizes those individuals that seek to help the environment through their craft.

Rolex is proud to be associated with such an exemplary master who has completely redefined the concept of envisioned art and been able hold the world in reverence. Gregory Colbert crashed though the existing comprehension of art like a meteorite and with this monumental work he has successfully been able to explore the depths of human existence in relation to the symphony of nature.

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