Who Represents the True Spirit of Rolex More Than the Legendary Clint Eastwood?

Eastwood w/ DatejustLegendary actor and director Clint Eastwood truly represents the daring spirit of Rolex. At the age of 78, Clint Eastwood has been receiving accolades and awards for his performance in and direction of the film Gran Torino. Although primarily known as a successful action star, Eastwood has directed more films than Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas combined, and he has won two Academy Awards for directing. Earlier this year The Changeling, directed by Eastwood and starring Angelina Jolie, was released. In his acting career, Eastwood has worn a Rolex watch in several of his films. In Firefox, he wore a Rolex GMT Master with a Jubilee bracelet, and in the hit film, In the Line of Fire, he wore a two toned Rolex Datejust.

Gran TorinoIn 2007, French President Jacques Chirac awarded Eastwood the Legion of Honor, a rare distinction for an American citizen. Recognized around the world as a true artist of the cinema, Eastwood’s talent has evolved and expanded over the years. In Gran Torino, Eastwood plays with his classic Dirty Harry tough guy image by showing a similar character grown up to be a bitter, angry man. “You always look for a character that can go somewhere, start one place and go another,” Eastwood said in a voice that now is almost a whisper. “I was intrigued by the Gran Torino script because it was not only about the Hmong culture, which was new to me, but it is also a kind of statement that you’re never too old to learn tolerance and learn a lot of things. stainlesssteelDatejustw/blackdialOf course Walt Kowalski is a man who’s out of his time and he has trouble adjusting, but that makes hurdles to go over and they make the character fun to play.” Like Rolex, Eastwood has learned not only to love adventure and daring, but also the importance of giving back and helping his fellow man. It is hard to imagine an individual more deserving of wearing a Rolex watch than Clint Eastwood.

In Gran Torino Eastwood worked with an unknown cast of non-professional actors, including Bee Vang and Ahney Her, both born in the US to Hmong parents. “They were very nice kids and they were really earnest,” he says. “It’s interesting with the young people of the Hmong culture that, although they were born here, they all know the language of their parents and grandparents and they have a great respect for adults.” At 78, Eastwood demonstrates incredible energy and daring, continuing to evolve as an actor and an artist. If we could choose a Rolex watch for Clint Eastwood, a Rolex Stainless Steel Datejust with a Black Dial and a Fluted Bezel would be the perfect fit. With a combination of elegance and robustness, it matches the legendary character of this American icon.

2T Rolex DatejustGMT Master

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Harrison Ford Wears A Rolex — Why Not Indiana Jones?

Indiana JonesArguably, the most successful actor of his generation in terms of the box office, Harrison Ford chooses to wear a Rolex Datejust in his everyday life. In the thriller Frantic, renowned director Roman Polanski has Harrison Ford’s character wear a stainless steel Datejust on a Jubilee Bracelet. If one legendary film character, however, definitely should have worn a Rolex, the adventurer’s watch, it is Ford’s greatest creation, Indiana Jones. In relation to Ford’s mastery of the character, one critic wrote, “Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones. He owns the role like a seasoned Rolex.” Furthermore, like the conquerors of Mount Everest or the divers in the ocean’s deepest depths, Indiana Jones represents the very essence of Rolex quality and daring. Yet, for some unknown reason, George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg never gave Indiana a Rolex watch to wear on his wrist. Even worse, they made Harrison Ford stumble through the final film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, backed by a bad plot and a terrible screenplay. If Indiana Jones had worn a Rolex watch in the last film, he might have been checking the time to see when it would be over like members of the audience.

The plot line left many patrons not merely bored, but angered, as illustrated by a controversial South Park episode, which left Kyle moaning about the third film’s Alien’s. If you did not see the film, are you shaking your head right now? Aliens in an Indiana Jones story just reduces it to the absurd and mocks the classic adventure roots of the character. Indeed, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a mockery of perhaps the greatest adventurer in modern film. Moreover, not giving Indiana Jones a Rolex is simply doing him a great disservice. First, as you can see from the pictures, Harrison Ford looks great in a Rolex watch, whether it is silver or gold. Second, like the real life adventurers that Rolex has teamed up with over the last century, Indiana Jones represents the best of man’s daring and courageous spirit. Nothing, not even Nazis or a tunnel overflowing with the grossest bugs you could possibly imagine, ever stopped Indiana from achieving his goals. In real life, Harrison Ford looks positively awesome in his Rolex Datejust. Indiana Jones may have done better with a Rolex GMT Master II, a Rolex Explorer, or even a Rolex Submariner like James Bond. In the end, Indiana should have had a better send-off in terms of a quality film and a Rolex on his wrist.

Ford w/ Rolex55i8_daytona-f2

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Flavor Flav Needs To Add A Rolex To The Hanging Clock!

Flav & The Flavor of Love GirlsIn a recent entry in the Rolex Forums, Chris in Melbourne reported on his encounter with Flavor Flav in Australia. Taking a break from his hit television show Flavor of Love where women compete to be the next Mrs. Flavor Flav, the extravagant rapper who wears a series of huge clocks around his neck was touring with Public Enemy. Known for contributing the hit song Fight the Power to Spike Lee’s iconic film Do The Right Thing, Public Enemy was the cornerstone of politically conscious rap in the 1990s. The band became so famous that action figures of Flavor Flav and Chuck D were sold. Chris in Melbourne clearly understood that Flavor Flav needed to complement the clock hanging from his neck with a Rolex luxury watch on his wrist.

Public EnemyIn his description of the encounter, Chris wrote: “While waiting (at the Melbourne airport), I noticed a group of young men (who obviously weren’t from these parts). Well, I’ve never seen so much ‘bling’ on a bunch of blokes in all my life! I noticed one guy wearing a clock (running an hour fast) around his neck. It was the US band Public Enemy . . . most of the guys in the group were wearing some pretty flashy watches including some that appeared almost totally covered in ‘ice’. The pick of the bunch for me however, was an 18 Ct Yellow Gold Daytona on a honey colored strap that really caught me eye.”

In Yahoo Answers, when asked why does Flavor Flav wear that clock, the winning answer was, “He said that he wears it because time is the most important element in our lives so he wears it to represent that belief.” Another popular answer was, “The man is reportedly worth 90 million dollars. You’d think he would buy a Rolex!” On the respected music blog site Grits And Porgies, the blogger provided a more philosophical perspective by commenting: “To the untrained eye Flavor Flav may have looked like your typical rapper, sweatsuit, sunglasses, gold teeth, and sneakers. But instead of sporting Rolex watches and jewelry, Flavor Flav decided it would be more fashionable to wear giant clocks around his neck.” Nevertheless, even if Flavor Flav keeps the clock hanging, he still needs the precision and quality of a Rolex on his wrist. So what kind of Rolex should the rapper acquire?

On the Melrose Jewelers site, there is a Men’s Rolex Day Date Super Presidential watch with just the perfect mix of philosophical precision and beautiful bling to meet the needs of Flavor Flav. In 18k yellow gold, the luxury watch has a custom champagne diamond dial with eight round and two baguette cut diamonds. The “Super” Presidential is a name given to the Men’s Rolex Day Date Presidential with both “Pave” diamond band and diamond lugs in addition to the classic diamond dial and diamond bezel. New “Super” Presidential models as issued by the Rolex factory are very rare. Wearing such a watch is nothing less than remarkable, making the luxury model a perfect fit for a remarkable man like Flavor Flav. After all, such a talented performer needs not only to have a clock around his neck, but also a Rolex Day Date Super Presidential watch on his wrist.

Flavor FlavRolex Day-Date

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Preparing For the Rolex 24 At Daytona, Danica Patrick Needs A Rolex Watch

Danica PatrickRacing superstar Danica Patrick has joined a long list of motorsports superstars that have signed up to compete in the 47th anniversary Rolex 24 at Daytona on January 24-25, 2009. The grueling 24-hour race demands the very best from the competitors if they are not only trying to win, but also even finish. As a trailblazer, Danica Patrick last season became the first woman to win an IndyCar Series race. Although she failed to finish the Rolex 24 in 2006, she is back after taking a year off and ready to go for the blue ribbon. With natural talent and instinctive daring, Danica has the inner qualities necessary to win. If only Danica had a Rolex on her wrist before the race, she might see how the precision timepiece reflects the qualities she tries to achieve on the speedway.

If Danica Patrick could be given a lead on a Rolex watch to acquire, which Rolex ladies watch should she get to aid her in her cause? Although many of the professional men’s Rolex watches like the GMT Master II or the Daytona would do just fine, Danica needs a watch that reflects her style and class both on the raceway and on the red carpet. Melrose Jewelers happens to have a watch in stock that would meet Danica’s needs. The Ladies 2T Rolex Datejust is a spectacular watch showcasing the stunning Submariner Blue Diamond Dial. Its Oyster bracelet offers a modern appearance and is quite eye-catching with the combination of glossy Stainless Steel and 18k Yellow Gold, reflecting Danica’s balance between professional sports and fashion. Lastly, the .7ct Beadset Diamond Bezel set in 18k White Gold surrounds the magnificent dial and adds to the already glamorous appearance of this masterpiece. Such an incredible watch matches the blue colors of racing while offering the professional perfection of a Rolex. With the added diamond, it provides the glamour that a star like Danica Patrick not only needs, but also demands.

Sebring 12 HourDanica competed in the Rolex 24 in 2006, but the team finished 50th after a mechanical breakdown. “I had such a good time,” said Patrick of her 2006 Rolex 24 start. “So many drivers come together for this event. Of course everyone wants to win and do well. But there’s such camaraderie at this. I’m just really grateful to come back to this team again. To be with a group of drivers like this, we have a great chance at winning this race.” Danica Patrick, who races with Andretti-Green Racing in the IndyCar Series, will spend this weekend’s test getting familiar with the Daytona Prototype again. She has plenty of memories from her lone 2006 start.

“There wasn’t a ton of running so it was hard to get a real feel of how the rhythm of the race goes and how it goes through the night and into the next day,” Danica said of her 2006 Rolex 24 experience, which cut short due to mechanical failures. “I’ll definitely be asking questions as we go along about that. I remember what it feels in the car and how it was around here and I think that will be able to carry over but also the car has improved too.” Hopefully, both the racing car and Danica’s team have improved because she deserves the opportunity to win the Rolex 24 and receive a Rolex watch as the prize for such a victory. Danica Patrick is a class act, and she would look perfect with a Rolex on her wrist.

Rolex 24Rolex Datejust

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