Bill Auberlen And Paul Dalla Lana Score A Double Win After Rolex Series Grand Prix Of Miami And Kia 200 Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge

Bill Auberlen

For Turner Motorsports drivers Bill Auberlen and his counterpart Paul Dalla Lana from Canada, things have been on a roll as after taking the top spot in Rolex Series Grand Prix of Miami in the GT class the duo was victorious in Kia 200 Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge race.

The pair made history after winning in both the championships. It was for the second time in the history of GRAND AM that drivers have won twice on one day. As for Canadian Dalla Lana, the win was his career’s first win in both of the championships.  Bill Auberlen’s win in the Rolex Series victory was special as it coincided with his 100th series start. In an interview Bill Auberlen stated that the day was very good for them as both the races were quiet similar. He praised his counterpart, Paul Dalla Lana and said that he did a good job of keeping the car in the top 10 position when he passed on the car to Bill Auberlen. He then led the car and was able to maintain the lead as the car was quiet strong. The most important thing in the race was to keep the tires in shape. Therefore a lot of effort was put into both the cars to make them winnable.

During the race there was a time when the racer smelled gearbox oil and it started smoking, after that the transmission and the temperature shot up. Bill Auberlen had a lead of more than 20 seconds in both the races. He also revealed that both the races had a yellow colored flag in order to bunch the pack up that was depressing.Paul Dalla Lana He confessed that there was a time when he actually thought if they had it to win the race as the tires had been utilized in getting ahead in the race. As for the second race [Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge] that was at night, things became a bit tricky. Even their ride went through a lot of changes for the race as the Turner’s Riley-chassied BMW was transformed from a M6 to a M3 in the off-season. Major changes took place in the aerodynamic evolution and the suspension was also revised. Even though the car was very strong last year, the crew revamped it to be on par with other cars in the race.

Bill Auberlen said that in 2010 Paul Dalla Lana was experimenting with the types of cars which require a lot of experience to be able to ride different types of cars. Now he is doing well as his brain has clicked. He praised Paul Dalla Lana and said that he has been driving very well throughout the season after starting the year in Dubai. As for the upcoming races the duo is very confident and wants to participate in as many races as they can.

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Youngblood Wows All In The Rolex Sponsored 2011 Australian Open

Milos Raonic

‘Tis time for the young and strong to shine at the Rolex-sponsored Australian Open. This time it is Canada’s very own Milos Raonic who is walking the talk. There has been much media frenzy and grapevine surrounding this young prodigy whose exploits at the court have made him a fan favorite.

After years and years of monopoly by the Federers, Nadals, Djokovics and Murrays, it’s a refreshing change to see the young Milos Raonic giving the big wigs a run for their money. He certainly has the physical attributes to ensure that he’s not taken lightly; and now he has shown that he has some real first-hand talent to top it off. He has certainly taken his own sweet time to come into the spotlight, but now that he has, everyone’s taken notice. He has a very blunt and aggressive approach to the game, with a terrifying serve that is seldom returned with confidence. Although his blitzkrieg attempt was highly successful at first, sooner or later, the hunter becomes the hunted and it was no different with him. In the fourth round in Melbourne, Miles Raonic suffered a defeat by the classy David Ferrer, who used the back of the court to get the better of the 20-year-old Canadian. However, he has taken the defeat in his stride, saying it was a learning opportunity and it was a pleasure for him to learn from the best. Spoken like a true aspiring champion. His conquests at the Australian Open, which included upset wins over 22nd-seeded Michael Llodra and 10th-seeded Mikhail Youzhny, have bolstered his rankings from the No.152 spot to the top-100 rankings. It seems like things are finally sorting out for the headstrong player.

Vasek Pospisil, Milos Raonic, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal

It seems as if Milos Raonic has some lethal elements in his favor with a blistering serve and a powerful forehand, which serves to keep most opponents on the back foot throughout the contest. But there’s another dangerous weapon on his side: the mentorship of the legendary Pete Sampras. This enviable mentorship began in Milos Raonic’s stint at the San Jose Open, which led to his subsequent success there. This inevitably led many to compare the two players. However, that comparison is of no consequence as the Milos Raonic has an impossibly long way to go to be in the same league with the stalwart American. Pete Sampras has the distinction of being the second highest Grand slam Champion, with 14 Grand slams under his belt. This extraordinary feat had been surpassed only by Roger Federer of Switzerland. The Canadian definitely needs to hone his skills considerably in the mental side to get the better of his opponent. For now, it seems like raw talent will suffice. But it definitely seems like Canada is now surely in the running in the Tennis circuit with the likes of Milos Raonic and Vasek Pospisil, another strong contender. Canadians can now rejoice as these ‘upstart’ are all set to take on the .90 calibers such as Andy Roddick and Fernando Verdasco at the upcoming Morgan Keegan Championships.

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Mark Wilkins And Michael Shank Racing Score Fifth Position At The Rolex 24 At Daytona

Rolex 24 At Daytona

Michael Shank Racing Team secured fifth position overall in the Rolex 24 At Daytona 2010. As the race approached its end, team drivers John Pew, Ozz Negri, Burt Frisselle and Mark Wilkins racing in No. 60 Crown Royal XR Ford-Riley made their way to a top five finish in the Rolex 24 At Daytona speedway on Sunday. It turned out to be great day for the Canadian racer Mark Wilkins who has made a satisfactory start to the 2010 Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series. With the crack of the morning, Michael Shank team, all geared up in Ford Riley, maintained their speed for the run to the podium, but due to a driveline failure and just one hour remaining for the finish, Michael Shank could not make it to the checkered flag as the automobile was registered as seventh at the finish. Michael Shank which is backed by the title of double top-ten team, opened in a grand way at the 2010 Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series championship. The team gave a display of tremendous speed on the course over the four-day season opening event.

Michael Shank was expected to continue its glory, however, the final results of the Rolex 24 At Daytona revealed a different story altogether with Michael Shank registering fifth position in the championship. The long preparations were joined in by some pit work in the garage even as the crew of Michael Shank replaced the clutch and the splitter of the vehicle on Sunday morning while the race was on. But much damage had been done. These setbacks resulted in the car ending the race at the fifth position. The team owner Mike Shank apparently looked disappointed as he saw the final day not turning out to be as rewarding for the team Michael Shank. With the team scoring fifth position in the race, Mike Shank spoke about how the team members had delivered stupendous performances back-to-back during the weekend but could not achieve what they deserved. He maintained the spirit of the team and praised their efforts as well as that of the car Ford Riley.

No. 60 Crown Royal XR Ford-Riley

The team members appeared happy with their achievement but reiterated the fact that there was a scope to do better in the championship. While team member John Pew, who had a great race after a long time at Daytona 24 felt elated with the success and admired his team for delivering an excellent performance even after many setbacks, Brian Frisselle felt that the race was an uphill task to complete following long hours of fatigue and dehydration. He considered it unfortunate that the team could not secure a place in top positions and looked forward to do better at Homestead. Another team member Ozz Negri who despite of grave pains in foot drove the speedway added that No. 60 Crown Royal XR Ford-Riley delivered good performance at Daytona. He felt that he had an interesting race overall. The optimistic racer hoped to get rid of the pains and perform well in the coming championships. Racer Mark Wilkins mentioned that Ford Riley drove very well and only got better as the race progressed. After making it to the fifth position in the Rolex 24 At Daytona 2010, the Michael Shank team is also set to hit the Homestead.

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Pamela Anderson And The Rolex Oyster Lady Perpetual Datejust Steel: Hard To Resist

Pamela Anderson

Best things in this world cannot be resisted. People may pretend that they have nothing to do with them but everybody recognizes, appreciates and loves the best things of world in some or the other way. Pamela Anderson and the Rolex Oyster Lady Perpetual Datejust Steel belong to the same group. Both are really hard to resist and are loved by all. They both have made their places in their respective fields that cannot be ignored by anybody. These are the two names that are known to almost everyone. There cannot be anyone who is unaware of them and it only demonstrates the significance of being something that is hard to resist. The Rolex Oyster Lady Perpetual Datejust Steel would not let anybody resist it. It adds irresistible style to one’s personality that is unbeatable and unmatched for. Those aspiring to have one of the best watches would definitely crave to possess the Rolex Oyster Lady Perpetual Datejust Steel. This watch is a true depiction of what Rolex stands for. As far as the market competition is concerned then there is no other watch house that could have reached the heights of success that Rolex has been experiencing since the time it offered its first watch.

Rolex Oyster Lady Perpetual Datejust Steel

Pamela Denise Anderson was born on July 1, 1967. She had become famous as Canada’s “Centennial Baby” just after she was born. Pamela Anderson completed her graduation in 1985 from Highland Secondary School and after this she went to Vancouver where she started working as a fitness trainer. She first appeared on the cover page of Playboy magazine in October 1989. Since then she has been appearing for various issues of this magazine. This actress is best known for her roles in television series like Baywatch, Home Improvement and V.I.P. Pamela Anderson was chosen as a Playmate of the Month in February 1990 for Playboy magazine. This actress has worked for over 22 movies & television shows and has featured in Playboy Magazine for its 21 issues. This Canadian/American model, actor, producer, activist, author and former showgirl has always been in news for some or the other reason. Even media could not resist this hot celebrity and covered every minor happening in her life and still continue to do the same.

The Rolex Oyster Lady Perpetual Datejust Steel is simply hard to resist just like Pamela Anderson. This comes up with smoother lines and enhanced dial that add up to its style. The steel and white gold are used in the making of this watch. This offers water resistance power up to the depths of 100 meters. The Rolex Oyster Lady Perpetual Datejust Steel features a silver concentric silver dial that looks very classy. This watch features the impressive self winding movement. The Rolex Oyster Lady Perpetual Datejust Steel is an exquisite piece depicting the real craftsmanship. This ladies watch would serve best to charm any lady without making any special efforts as the Rolex Oyster Lady Perpetual Datejust Steel itself is more than enough to make a lady feel out of this place. No one would be able to resist the charm of this watch.

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