Rolex Commodores’ Cup: Against all Odds

GBR Red TeamThe elemental basis of compound inspiration lies in the capacity of being able to pursue a higher purpose. Rolex throughout history has understood the significance of human achievements and the imperative value of our choices. Sailing is an art that allows the human spirit to sense the ability of the ocean to gently caress while simultaneously being able to consume the vessel without so much as a trace being left behind. This extraordinary connection between the ocean and mankind goes back to an epoch when life itself was created. Sailors have been gliding across the waters for many thousands of years now and over the years have developed this into a competitive regatta that tests the competence of determination and the character of a sailor. Rolex has been supporting numerous, world class sailing events across the planet that aims to improve the sport and aid the sailors in realizing their ambition, of becoming the best there ever was. The Rolex Commodores’ Cup is one of the many endeavours by Rolex to promote the sport of sailing. An IRC recognised event the Rolex Commodores’ Cup was first held in 1992 and is a competition between three-boat national teams. This international regatta is held with the patronage of Rolex in close collaboration with the Royal Ocean Racing Club.

Peter RuttersThe Rolex Commodores’ Cup is a biennial racing tournament that takes place over a period of seven days at Cowes in the Isle of Wright. The Rolex Commodores’ Cup is designed in such a manner that it tests the teams competing in a string of competitive events that are held on offshore and in-shore courses. All the team challenges have to be endorsed by the Members National Authorities while the crew on each boat is subject to strict regulation on the aspects of nationality and the number of professionals onboard the boat. Held from the 29th of June to the 6th of July 2008, the Rolex Commodores’ Cup saw a total of 15 international teams participating in this prestigious face off. Pelted by the hard rain and braving strong gusts of 30 knot wind, the sailors fought hard battle to emerge on top. The immensely talented Peter Rutters battled the low visibility and the tough competition to win his fifth title of the Rolex Commodores’ Cup. The 30 knot gale force winds compelled 5 boats to opt out of the race, though the worst affected was the small boat from Netherlands by the name of Slainte that got dismasted. Gery Trentesaux the defending champion’s racing chance was cut short after the boat he was on had a total gear failure. The Great Britain (GBR) Red Team held strong and fought the rough conditions to victory, stunning the toughest competitors as well as the spectators who had lined up to watch this international regatta. At the end of the event a prize distribution ceremony was held at the Royal Yacht Club in the evening where the winning members of GBR Red Team were felicitated and given the Rolex Commodores’ Cup along with steel and gold Rolex Submariner chronometers.

Rolex Commodorese-cup-2009Rolex will be back to support the next Rolex Commodores’ Cup that is to be held in 2010 and is expected to attract, a lot of highly skilled teams take part in this premier racing event.

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph and Matthew Perry – Personifying Endurance

Matthew Perry When talent is coupled with devoted labor nothing can hinder its path towards recognition and excellence. Rolex a world renowned watch manufacturing brand and the Canadian-American actor Matthew Perry share the principals of passionate commitment towards a craft and perseverance. Every Rolex watch is built with the utmost devotion and crafted in such a manner that it is able to perform flawlessly in a range of conditions. It is not the means to an end that matters rather the urge and willingness to outperform that fuels the passion as well as the performance. The elements of fortitude and resilience are inherent qualities of both the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph and the incredibly versatile actor Matthew Perry. Like the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph that performs fantastically each time, Matthew Perry has been able to leave an indelible mark on audiences everywhere.

 Matthew PerryBorn in 1969 in Williamstown located in Massachusetts, United States Matthew Perry holds both Canadian and American citizenship. Son of a Canadian journalist mother and an American model and actor Matthew Perry grew up in Ottawa. Fluent in French Matthew Perry was an avid tennis player and was rated amongst the top-ranked junior players. During the 1980’s Matthew Perry moved to Los Angeles from Ottawa to pursue his ambition of acting. Right from the time he was in high school his commitment to playing a part as realistically as possible has been praised by many people. Matthew Perry got his first professional break when he was 18 in a production titled ‘A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon’. While he was still in high school Matthew Perry pursued improv comedy at the LA Connection and soon grew to become a top performer. His original intentions was to enroll himself in the University of Southern California but an offer to star in a series titled ‘Second Chance’ changed all that and soon he appeared in a guest role number of series. Though the series lasted for a little while, it gave Matthew Perry visibility and opened other avenues for him. After a string of guest appearances that included guest spots on ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Matthew Perry landed himself his second lead role in a series called ‘Home Free’. Thought he series lasted for only 13 episodes it gave Matthew Perry some footing in the competitive television environment. He was instantly snapped up for a role as a pilot in a series titled LAX 2194.

It was during this period that Matthew Perry gave an audition for a series with a working title of ‘Six of One’ as a backup plan. The audition he gave for this series landed him a role as the globally recognized Chandler Bing in the same series the world now knows as ‘Friends’. This monumental series catapulted Matthew Perry to the pinnacle of stardom and he was nominated along with fellow actor Matt LeBlanc for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in 2002. His three appearances in the series titled ‘The West Wing’ earned him two Emmy nominations while his role in the movie ‘The Ron Clark Story’ earned him both an Emmy as well as a Golden Globe nomination. Apart from television series Matthew Perry made an appearance on a number of commercially successful movies like ‘The Whole Nine Yards’ as well at its sequel, ‘Almost Heroes’ and ‘Three to Tango’. Battling addiction as well as surviving a horrific car accident Matthew Perry etched his name as a formidable actor amongst the stars. Aspects like commitment and endurance enabled Matthew Perry to emerge as a truly remarkable actor.

 Matthew PerryCrafted with the utmost passion and an urge to perform tremendously the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph is a remarkable watch that performs under any condition. The watch features a distinct design where the date feature is placed in the 3 O’clock position with a rotatable fluted bezel. Designed with a steel and gold finish the watch employs the trademark 904l alloy that gives it remarkable durability. Water-proof up to 100 meters the sapphire crystal on the watch makes it absolutely scratch resistant. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph features a bracelet that has more than hundred moving parts that have been crafted to ensure superior comfort and a perfect fit. Built on the original 1953 model that was marketed as an adventure watch the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph is an excellent example of perfection personified. The similar characteristics that are at the core of both Matthew Perry and the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph make this Rolex timepiece an ideal watch for this versatile actor.

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A legendary Alliance- Rolex And Canadian Yatch Association

Yachts from CYAApart from having a long history of manufacturing flawless watches Rolex has been associated with sporting events and organizations that stand for and promote remarkable talent, unsurpassable determination and outstanding achievement. Rolex, a world class brand name has a proud history of funding exceptional individuals and organizations that share its zest for redefining skill and setting a whole new definition of perfection. Among the various events and organizations Rolex supports is the Canadian Yachting Association. Rolex has been actively supporting this incredible organization right from 1986. Rolex supports an annually held CYA program along with the Rolex Awards Banquet. Skilled and exceptional Canadian sailors that have brought recognition through their incredible performances to sailing are awarded the Rolex Sailor of the year Award.

RolexThe Canadian Yachting Association or the CYA is a member of the International Sailing Federation. The CYA is a regulatory authority that controls Canada’s waters. The sailing organization in Canada is divided into four groups-Provincial Sailing Organizations, Yacht Clubs, Class Associations and the CYA. The CYA has the responsibility of training the sailors for the national teams including the members for the Olympic games, creating sailing and power boating courses and registering and covering the various instructors. Earlier the CYA had formulated and implemented a seven level sailing course that comprised White sail for levels I, II and III. At this level sailors were taught the basics like points of sail, capsizing and sail trim. The Bronze for levels IV and V teaches sailors advanced skills like Spinnaker and Trapeze sailing while the Silver for level VI teaches sailors the basics of racing. The Gold for the VII and final level teaches them the finer nuances and advanced racing techniques. However a new format that was formulated is currently being put into operation by CYA. According to the new rules sailors who were earlier supposed to pass the V level of Bronze before they could undertake advanced racing techniques don’t have to now. The new system introduces a ‘learn to race’ level that has no prerequisite and any sailor who wishes to learn to race and master its techniques does not have to clear the Bronze level. The earlier system had five instructors- green for the White sail level, blue for the Bronze level, red for the Silver Level and orange for the Gold level. The new system adds the ‘learn to race’ instructor along with high performance instructors who help train and evaluate sailors who have world recognition in sailing. A range of other instructors who fulfill certain specialized roles are currently being considered by CYA to be added to the system.

Rolex has been supporting the CYA for over two decades now. Rolex is not merely a luxury brand, it seeks to be more by assisting various organizations and skilled people achieve their goal of excellence. Pursuing perfection and talent Rolex continually supports individuals who demolish the existing standards and redefine the world by mastering their craft through honor, skill and devotion.

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The Genesis of Rolex Watches


The Rolex watch has been associated with accuracy and prestige for over a century and is now the market leader in top quality watches. With people from all walks of life wishing they could own one of these magnificent timepieces, it is not surprising that it is the most copied and imitated watch in the marketplace. (more…)

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