A legendary Alliance- Rolex And Canadian Yatch Association

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Yachts from CYAApart from having a long history of manufacturing flawless watches Rolex has been associated with sporting events and organizations that stand for and promote remarkable talent, unsurpassable determination and outstanding achievement. Rolex, a world class brand name has a proud history of funding exceptional individuals and organizations that share its zest for redefining skill and setting a whole new definition of perfection. Among the various events and organizations Rolex supports is the Canadian Yachting Association. Rolex has been actively supporting this incredible organization right from 1986. Rolex supports an annually held CYA program along with the Rolex Awards Banquet. Skilled and exceptional Canadian sailors that have brought recognition through their incredible performances to sailing are awarded the Rolex Sailor of the year Award.

RolexThe Canadian Yachting Association or the CYA is a member of the International Sailing Federation. The CYA is a regulatory authority that controls Canada’s waters. The sailing organization in Canada is divided into four groups-Provincial Sailing Organizations, Yacht Clubs, Class Associations and the CYA. The CYA has the responsibility of training the sailors for the national teams including the members for the Olympic games, creating sailing and power boating courses and registering and covering the various instructors. Earlier the CYA had formulated and implemented a seven level sailing course that comprised White sail for levels I, II and III. At this level sailors were taught the basics like points of sail, capsizing and sail trim. The Bronze for levels IV and V teaches sailors advanced skills like Spinnaker and Trapeze sailing while the Silver for level VI teaches sailors the basics of racing. The Gold for the VII and final level teaches them the finer nuances and advanced racing techniques. However a new format that was formulated is currently being put into operation by CYA. According to the new rules sailors who were earlier supposed to pass the V level of Bronze before they could undertake advanced racing techniques don’t have to now. The new system introduces a ‘learn to race’ level that has no prerequisite and any sailor who wishes to learn to race and master its techniques does not have to clear the Bronze level. The earlier system had five instructors- green for the White sail level, blue for the Bronze level, red for the Silver Level and orange for the Gold level. The new system adds the ‘learn to race’ instructor along with high performance instructors who help train and evaluate sailors who have world recognition in sailing. A range of other instructors who fulfill certain specialized roles are currently being considered by CYA to be added to the system.

Rolex has been supporting the CYA for over two decades now. Rolex is not merely a luxury brand, it seeks to be more by assisting various organizations and skilled people achieve their goal of excellence. Pursuing perfection and talent Rolex continually supports individuals who demolish the existing standards and redefine the world by mastering their craft through honor, skill and devotion.

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