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The word Rolex brings with it intangible aspects of prestige, exclusivity, perfection, stunning craftsmanship, passion, aspiration and trust. Created more than a hundred years ago, Rolex has risen from a single shop in England to become the world’s most respected, recognized and valued brand. Completely distinct in its style of operation and way of transforming the world by taking on the role of a guiding light, Rolex has set itself apart from all other brands in the world.

Right from the imaginative processes and devoted craftsmanship to groundbreaking features and alluring design every Rolex watch is a symbolic representation of the aspect of pursuing perfection. The creative vision of Rolex lies far beyond what might occur today and it takes into account almost all implications that could have its root in the present. Determined to change from a mere watch manufacturing company to visionary, Rolex propounds its collective aspiration for reaching for the zenith of achievement. Sponsoring a wide array of philanthropic initiatives around the world right from the Fisher House Foundation to Mentor and Protégé program and the Rolex Awards for Enterprise, it always aims for creating a ground that will inspire others to follow suit.

What the world does not realize is that Rolex draws its essence from an idea. The brilliant idea first took root in the mind of the legendary visionary Hans Wilsdorf. Almost a hundred years ago Hans Wilsdorf had understood the capacity of one and the consequent chain of events that can occur provided the precursor chooses to bring about a revolution. Abiding by this principal that was formulated and put into action many decades ago Rolex still diverts much of its resources and revenue to developing avenues for sporting events, arts and culture and a varied number of events that showcase the enormous talents and the exceptional ability of the human race.

Most of the events that Rolex creates not only honour and assists several individuals but also forms a gathering of people who together bear witness to achievement. The primary purpose of these events is to enable the congregation of people to celebrate humanity in all its glory and capacity. The will for change can only be brought about if the leader enables the people to follow the right path. From the legendary folklore told around camp fires to recent developments that almost seem implausible the most integral driving force has always been a leader or an inspiration that drives the idea.

The Rolex ambition has to been to lead this world towards an enlightened state of progress and development. Taking on the role of a beacon that guides people away from the darkness of apathy, lack of vision and truth of service towards the light of progress, dedication and aspiration for a higher purpose of life, Rolex ushers in a revolution that seeks to transform the world completely. In its quest to bring to 5the people a new dawn that is free from the shackles of unfulfilled ambition< Rolex takes on the part of a guiding force that inspires, fulfills and drives the heart and the mind to move ahead with immense aspiration.

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Beacon Of Hope: Safe Bottle Lamp

Safe Bottle Lamp

Trudging the path of a purpose that has its heart set on transforming the world Rolex unwaveringly supports several initiatives. As a part of its ambitious vision of ushering in a new era of humanity, Rolex created the Rolex Laureates Awards that are a part of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. This incredible initiative is aimed at recognizing people who are out battling the most daunting challenges in an effort to re-create the society and aid its overall development. From the time it was created in 1978 till now the Rolex Laureates program has honoured numerous enlightened individuals from over 40 different countries. A total of 110 awards have been presented to various individuals for their breakthrough work in the field of science and health, environment and cultural preservation, applied technology and exploration.

The path breaking innovations by these talented Rolex Laureates has helped in creating a immense positive impact on the lives and society of people from over a 60 different countries. Every two years five brilliant innovators are awarded the title of a Role Laureate and apart from the recognition, they also get a financial grant that will aid the advancement of their campaign. In a bid to solve tomorrow’s problems today these Rolex Laureates are bringing with them a host of fresh approaches that will play an instrumental role in transforming the society and helping numerous people. The Rolex awards are given under five distinct categories and in order to shed light on the features that selection committee for the program searches for in the categories, Gilbert M. Grosvernor the Chairman of the National Geographic Society chose five out of the 110 award winning projects.

Safe Bottle Lamp

In the category for Science and Medicine, Gilbert M. Grosvernor chose the ingenious Safe Bottle Lamp Project. The innovative yet simplistically designed Safe Bottle Project created by Dr. Wijaya Godakumbura of Sri Lanka won him a Rolex award in 19989 along with the title of a Rolex Laureate. The superbly crafted bottle lamp is completely spill proof as well as shatter resistant. This aspect allows the safe bottle lamp to prevent fires in poor homes that often turn out to be fatal for the inhabitants. The lack of adequate facilities like a safe source of light has more often then not resulted in the loss of thousands of lives across the poor populace of many countries. Playing a pivotal role in improving the safety of poor people around the world, thousands of the units of the safe bottle lamp have helped families across Sri Lanka along with the rest of South Asia. The safe bottle project was cited in a publication last year by the Rolex Awards Secretariat. Chosen from amongst the many projects that have been awarded the aim was to provide an indicative of the intangible elements that are regarded while being awarded.

The primary aim of the article was to throw light on the passion and the determination that forms the vital driving force behind developing this world into a better and more sustainable place to live in. the Rolex Laureates title is awarded to those individuals that utilize the invigorating forces of innovation and creativity in transforming this planet for an improved life.

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Future Vision: Rolex Road To Clinic Program

Rolex Road to Clinic programFrom its origin till date the world leader in creating the finest watches, Rolex has propounded the aspect of realizing the potential of human will and the capacity of determination. Most of us possess the knack or even the will to perform the extraordinary; what merely lacks is the sense of direction. A fact that Rolex had comprehended and in accordance with the ambition of transforming the entire society in all possible aspects it creates a host of initiatives. These initiatives serve a dual purpose of honing talent while simultaneously offering individuals a system of beliefs and values. The implausibility of creating a world class women’s sailing regatta does not hold true and now with the rise of sailing as world class sport many skilled women sailors have astonished the sailing world with their extraordinary vigour and deftness. The strongest and most revered philosophies are merely words if the will to understand the underlying factors is completely lacking. Rolex has always sought out o realize an unfinished dream of cumulative progress of humanity and for this purpose it partners with numerous organizations to bring to the forefront the elemental aspect of the pursuing excellence.

The Rolex Road to Clinic program is a novel endeavour that seeks to train sailors in the basics as well as the finer nuances of international sailing. Skilled international women racers are brought in to aid the development of all the women that participate in the unique Rolex Road to Clinic program. The main objective of this program is to assist the women in realizing a passion and aiding the development of focus. The path to greatness of even individual triumph is riddled with hindering and distracting factors. The Rolex Road to Clinic program is a vision that trains women to overcome these hurdles and focus on the goal of attaining perfection. From the time of its inception till today thousands of women from around the world have seen drastic changes in performance and will after attending the Rolex program.

RolexThe Road to Rolex Clinic was brought to life in 1997 and has been crafted in such a manner that it is adaptable to all skill levels. Originally begun as an experimental program, the Rolex Road to Clinic program was pioneering endeavour that sought to improve the skill levels of women sailors. As its principal sponsor, Rolex supports the event by becoming the financial strong arm of this program. The grants given by Rolex are utilized for organizing this event and bringing in world renowned sailors and coaches to train the sailors. The fantastic coaching techniques enable women to better understand and harness the wind while concurrently teaching them superlative methods of handling the boats. Apart from creating a remarkable initiative like the Rolex Road to Clinic program, Rolex collaborated with the finest women sailors to develop a clinic curriculum that guides the organizers in implementing innovative techniques and methods. The innovatively crafted program features an instruction manual that was created and developed by the five time winner of the Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year, Betty Alison. An internationally recognized sailor and instructor, Betty Alison has been proclaimed the winner for five times at the Rolex IWKC challenge.

This pioneering program can be hosted by any organization that wishes to promote the sport as well as develop opportunities for women sailors. The grant request form that is provided by Rolex has to be completed and sent for validation. This unique feature allows a number of organizations to collaborate with Rolex and aid the progress of exceptionally talented women sailors.

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Retaining A Paradise: Rolex And Its Environmental Endeavours

CSRwireLeaders the world over have been given the tremendous task of setting up a way that the world follows. It is not enough to just gloat in the aura of importance and value while the rest of the world falls prey to its own aspect of extreme indulgence. Rolex is regarded by the world as a foremost name in the world of premium watches however the hundred years its been in existence it has played a vital role in the augmentation of human endeavour by supporting a number of sporting and cultural activities around the world. The core ambition of Rolex has always been to promote the resilience of the human spirit and the exuberance of a passionate effort. Around the world numerous companies and individuals have more than their necessary share of power be it financial or political, however there are only a few among them who try and ensure that their activities and company policies have a constructive impact at the societal level. The ignorance of responsibility we all share seems to have been lost to the wind of over indulgence and apathy towards the collaborative humanity of this planet.

This planet has a vast amount of resources that are capable of fulfilling every want and every need, although there has to be system of balance in place. The utter disregard of the implications on this planet and life in general has led to a serious and a very real crisis. Every human on this planet is a pixel that completes the beautiful mosaic of life on earth; this automatically places the responsibility of maintaining the intricate balance of life on us. However there has to be leader that is willing to take the onus of becoming an inspiration that draws the rest to follow. Amidst this complexity of human inaction, ignorance and apathy something or someone has to transform into a symbol or an idea that can led the men out of darkness of over indulgence and obsession.

 Preserving HomeRolex has taken on this responsibility and in its every endeavour gives the utmost priority to the sustainability of this planet. As a brand Rolex has always had long standing principals that envision the collaborative development of the human race and a future that leads to the fusion of responsible human action and adaptability. The coveted Rolex Awards for Enterprise has assisted in protection of endangered species and fragile ecosystems; preserving ancient customs; providing safe, affordable food, water, shelter, and medical aid to people in developing countries; and introducing radical, technological and scientific inventions. Rolex joined CSRwire in November to propound and communicate their corporate citizenship, sustainability, and social responsibility through activities and initiatives to people in over 200 countries. CSRwire is a leading source for developing sustainability and promoting social responsibility and aids its member companies communicate socially beneficial programs that benefit the environment through its Network, News Alerts, Web Site, Blogs, RSS Feeds, News Aggregators, Send to Friend Feature and Search Engines.

This is a part of Rolex’s grander design that aims to recreate the entire system of consumption and human belief. Acting on the belief that rationale thought and awareness will definitely lead to a revolution that would bring sweeping changes in this planet, Rolex comes forward as a beacon that will light the future ahead.

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