Standing Tall: Rolex Towers

Rolex LogoRolex is a brand that has built itself as the one the world’s most valuable brand through decades of flawless production and resolute commitment. A name that encapsulates the history of men, their revolutionary movements as well the glory of human ingenuity, Rolex is a celebrated brand that literally towers over the rest in terms of performance, value, design, commitment and endeavour. Its is not so much the vision of dominating the market that has propelled Rolex to such an amazing height of success, as its willingness to outperform, outclass and outrival with the ambition of employing ground breaking ingenuity in its products and this is what is responsible for catapulting Rolex to the upper limit of the perfection. The most conspicuous aspect of Rolex has been to ensure that each of its watches is not merely a timepiece but rather a symbol of ingenuity, master craftsmanship and courage. These qualities that are forever associated with Rolex make it an immensely coveted brand that organisations and individuals from around the world vie to partner. The very name exudes such remarkable magnitude and presence that even as a symbol Rolex has gone far beyond the limitations of a watch manufacturing company and transformed into an icon the world recognises.

Rolex TowersAs a part of its rudiment Rolex supports and sponsors numerous art and sporting events along with awards that are given to exceptional; individuals that choose to make a difference in the world today. The only idea that Rolex endorses is - complete commitment to the pursuit of perfection in any form of human endeavour. Individual triumph lies at the heart of Rolex, a world celebrated brand, which stands for a rich legacy spanning over more than a 100 years. People around the world recognise and perceive Rolex as a synonym for perfection. In the land of ever-rising towers that almost seem to kiss the sky, in Dubai, block-by-block rises the monumental structure of the Rolex Towers. This iconic building is being constructed by a real estate development company by the name of Ahmad Seddiqi and Sons along with the exclusive retailer for the premium watches from Rolex in this region.

Rolex TowersThe immensely tall Rolex Towers will feature an all glass façade and will house retail outlets on the ground floor. Thirty floors of this iconic tower will house commercial space while 23 floors will contain residential apartments. The Rolex Towers will also include remarkable penthouses that offer excellent views of the Dubai skyline. Designed by a firm in Chicago by the name of Owings and Merrill that have the Burj Dubai and London’s Canary Wharf to their credit, the Rolex Tower is in line to become one of the most monumental structures in Dubai. All set to be inaugurated by the end of 2009 the Rolex Towers is perfect of example of exemplary design and combination of both form and functionality. Rolex Towers will add more importance to the well established world leader in premium watches. The ambition has always been to reach for the skies and with the coming of the Rolex Towers this ambition takes a literal turn and transforms the vision into an actual reality.

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A Tryst with Triumph: Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters

Rolex Monte Carlo SeriesWhen the most exemplary players congregate to face off against each other it is bound to be a riveting match. Rolex has a proud tradition of sponsoring sporting events that promote excellence and propound the ideals of sportsmanship. The Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters is an annual event sponsored by Rolex and is held in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France for the foremost male players in the world of tennis. A part of the ATP Masters Series this annual tournament takes place between the months of April and May. From the first tournament that was held in 1897 to an open event from 1969 onwards, exceptional tennis players from around the globe come to prove their mettle at the clay court of the Monte-Carlo Masters Series. Unlike the other ATP world tour masters 1000 tournaments, the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters Series doesn’t have a mandatory player commitment, a change that came with the alterations brought by the ATP professionals in 2007.

 Daniel Nestor and Nenad ZimonjicThe 2009 edition of the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters Series saw some stunning display of talent and while the world watched in awe as the ball hurtled across the court, exceptionally skilled players focused on returning the ball back with an equally powerful smash. In the doubles match the Serbian-Canadian player from Toronto, the 36 year old Daniel Nestor teamed up with Nenad Zimonjic and in an astounding display of talent beat the top seeded Bob and Mike Bryan in just 48 minutes to claim their second ATP world tour title. Daniel Nestor has over 60 men’s doubles titles under his belt that includes a gold medal at the 2000 summer Olympics, four Grand Slam men’s doubles title and the Tennis Masters Cup. This remarkable tennis player attended the Earl Haig Secondary School as a part of the gifted athletes program and imbibed more than the training given their to symbolize the quintessence of a true sportsman.

Daniel NestorComing into limelight after beating Stefan Edberg in a riveting match Daniel Nestor has been a part of Canada’s Davis Cup squad from 1992. He won his first doubles title in 1994 in Bogotá, Colombia along with partner Knowles defeating Luke and Murphy Jensen, who were the French Open champions. Clinching the Wimbledon title for the first time in 2008 after beating Jonas Björkman and Kevin Ullyett, Daniel Nestor was finally able to complete his career Golden Slam.

At the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters Series this year Daniel Nestor played exceptionally and proved to the world why he truly deserved to win the doubles title. Powerful serves, incredible backhands, tremendous smashes and fluid footwork along with unwavering support to his team mate, Daniel Nestor set a new standard in double’s tennis. Rolex proudly celebrates the triumph of the Daniel Nestor and his partner Nenad Zimonjic who showed the world the potentiality of focus, dedication, trust and sportsmanship. In its long history Rolex has continually followed the path of ground breaking ingenuity with the utmost amount of passion and devotion. While maintaining the highest standards and adhering to the strictest guidelines in order to attain absolute perfection Rolex has constantly supported the cause of exceptionally brilliant players that have the urge to go beyond the ordinary and become more than just legends.

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Leading with Courage: Rolex Sailor of the Year Award

Canadian Yachting AssociationBuilding itself as a company that pays the highest attention to detail and crafts premium watches with the utmost passion, Rolex has been able to gain the trust of millions around the world. The primary objective of Rolex has forever been to fight to gain ascendancy and in this process attain perfection. Continually supporting events and organisations around the world, Rolex envisions aiding them to attain the highest possible level of individual triumph. Sailing has been one sport that Rolex has provided unwavering support to throughout the globe. Promoting the sport of sailing along the virtues of true sportsmanship and the will to achieve the extraordinary, Rolex constantly creates and sponsors world class sailing events everywhere. The Canadian Yachting Association has been partnered by Rolex for over two decades now. Rolex a brand that not only strives to attain perfection but also assists others in doing the same has been involved with the sport of sailing in Canada and its governing body the Canadian Yachting Association from 1986 onwards.

Rolex Sailor of the Year Awards WinnerThe Canadian Yachting Association, the board that controls the water by establishing guide lines and safety measures is the Member National Authority of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). The Canadian Yachting Association is involved with promoting the sport of sailing by formulating and implementing various guidelines and training individuals as well as constantly educating the instructors, thereby ensuring increase in popularity while maintaining safety. Rolex has a rich philanthropic heritage of endorsing and promoting activities that allow individuals to achieve the highest forms of excellence through dedication and mastery of skill. Rolex in association with the Canadian Yachting Association organises events that allow exceptional sailors to display their skill and recognises their achievement by awarding them and promoting them so that they can accomplish further beyond accepted standards. Rolex has an annual tradition of sponsoring Canadian Yachting Association events along with the Rolex Awards Banquet. All these events culminate into an award ceremony that recognises and presents the best sailors with an award provided by Rolex. This ceremony is known as the Rolex Sailor of the Year Award and is an annual event that recognises exemplary Canadian sailors who have increased the popularity and brought fame and recognition to the sport of sailing.

Rolex LogoThis prestigious award was first presented to America’s Cup supporter Paul Phelan who was instrumental in establishing a merger between Canada’s top 12 meter syndicates. Any individual that hopes to win Rolex Sailor of the Year Award must fulfill certain prerequisites like being significantly involved in that activity for the whole year or have demonstrated immense skill at the Olympic or Paralympic class sailing competition held during the year, be a Canadian citizen and a permanent resident of Canada, display exemplary leadership qualities and sportsmanship in relation to that specific event or sport.

The 2008 edition Rolex Annual Awards Banquet for presenting the Rolex Sailor of the Year Award was held at the Kingston Yacht Club in Ontario on 25th October in Ontario, Canada. The 2008 award for the Rolex Sailor of the Year went to Paul Tingley from Halifax in Nova Scotia. A true sportsman and ambassador for the sport Paul Tingley, performed with single-minded resolution and was quite successful at the 2008 Paralympic games. Sailors who understand every ebb, every current and are aware of the slightest change of wind direction before it happens are so skilled only because of the intense focus and dogged determination that goes into attaining such capabilities. Rolex identifies such talent and awards them for furthering their ambitions towards excellence and perfection.

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Wizardry of Ingenuity: Rolex Daytona Cosmograph and Daniel Powter

Daniel PowterCreation knows no boundaries and even those who seem incapable of creating due to minor hindrances have the aptitude and intrinsic capacity to craft astounding wonders. The only requirement is the realization of the fact that nothing can deter the path of true creation. Rolex Daytona Cosmograph is a master opus from the craftsmen at Rolex that combines the aspect of absolute zeal for crafting the most impeccable timepiece and the pursuit of perfection. The Canadian born singer, song writer and composer Daniel Powter has had to battle difficult situations in order to succeed as a singer. The resilience and courage that Daniel Powter stands for, lies hidden in the indelible design of the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph from Rolex. The wonderment of creation is such that when we see something that is unique and reflects of utter ingenuity we are unable to draw ourselves away from the grasps of true creation. To buy and sell is an act of convenience but to create that is art and truly spectacular.

Daniel Powter Daniel Richard Powter was born in February, 1971 in British Columbia, Canada and is a skilled pianist as well as a violinist. When he was young, Daniel Powter switched to playing the piano after a group of kids bullied him and demolished his violin. Suffering from dyslexia Daniel Powter had immense trouble reading musical notes and could not study music at the University. In the face of these burdening problems Daniel Powter soon dropped out of the University and went on to pursue a musical career of his own. He began understanding and learning all the songs through his ear and started recording whatever new melodies he composed. In the year 2000 Daniel Powter released his debut album called I’m your Betty. This album had a limited production and two of the total ten songs that appear on the album were featured on the television show called Higher Ground. Before he began working on his second album he worked on a new single and presented it to the world.

Rolex Daytona CosmographThis single titled Bad Day was released in Europe in the middle of 2005. Warner Brothers Records used this single for commercial production and soon this was picked up by Coca-Cola as a theme score for its new advertising campaign. Topping the charts in most European countries this single was played quite frequently in Europe. This incredibly melodious song uses a very simplistic theme that automatically caught the imagination of listeners everywhere. Topping the charts at number one in Germany, Ireland and Italy and number two in U.K. this single had turned the fortunes of Daniel Powter. Daniel Powter became the second solo Canadian singer after Bryan Adams to top the Hot 100. This merely sheds light on the fact that anything that is created with honest labour and complete ingenuity always finds a way too break through barriers and permeate the thickest walls.

The Rolex Daytona Cosmograph crafted by incredible artists at the workshops of Rolex embodies the spirit of perseverance and fortitude. The Rolex Daytona Cosmograph features a sapphire crystal that is scratch proof and a bracelet that has an oysterlock. The watch is constructed using the trademark 904L alloy of steel that makes it extremely durable. The Rolex Daytona Cosmograph from the master craftsmen at Rolex encompasses the power of true courage and epitomizes the quintessence of the human spirit of achievement. These aspects make the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph an ideal watch for Daniel Powter.

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One in a Million: Alanis Morissette and the Ladies Rolex Super President

Alanis MorissetteAlanis Morissette is an exceptionally talented singer who is gifted with a voice that has the ability to launch a thousand ships and compel listeners to get lost in a deliriously delectable dream. Rolex as a brand has always crafted such beautiful timepieces that if one does not take into account the flawless performance and focuses on just the surrealistic design, the timepieces have the capacity of permeating dreams and pushing the mind to accept unconventional design. The Ladies Rolex Super President from Rolex embodies the ethereal qualities of unbelievable appeal and the capacity to render anyone speechless. These aspects are quite similar to those of highly acclaimed singer and songwriter Alanis Morissette who can make people stop in their tracks by merely using the power of her melodious voice. Every watch from the workshops of Rolex including the Ladies Rolex Super President is a result of meticulous craftsmanship and immense passion. It is not just enough to posses talent or skill, what is more important is to understand and utilize this capability to the highest form possible. This is a vital element that is present in both Alanis Morissette as well as the Ladies Rolex Super President watch from Rolex.

 Alanis Morissette Alanis Morissette was born in June 1974 in Ontario, Canada and is the daughter of a Hungarian born teacher and a French-Canadian high school principal. The youngest of the siblings along with her twin brother, Alanis Morissette began playing the piano when she was just six. Battling anorexia, bulimia nervosa as well as drug addiction to eventually cleanse herself of all of these vices and problems Alanis Morissette churned out many hit albums. Her debut album simply titled Alanis was released only in Canada in 1991 and this dance-pop album soon went platinum. Alanis Morissette was nominated for three Juno Awards in 1992 and went on to win the Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year. Her second ballad driven album like her previous album was released only in Canada, though it didn’t do as well and turned into a commercial failure. Alanis Morissette moved to Toronto to find collaborators but was frustrated with the results and soon moved to Los Angeles. Here she met producer and songwriter Glen Ballard and together create Alanis Morissette’s third album titled Jagged Little Pill in 1995. The album sales went into a tizzy after the first single from the album called ‘You Oughta Know’ was played by an influential DJ at the Los Angeles Radio.

 Ladies Rolex Super PresidentHowever it was her fourth single from the album, called Ironic that turned out to be the most monumental hit. Jagged Little Pill stayed in the top twenty of the Billboard Top 200 for more than a year and sold more than 14 million copies in U.S. alone while selling 33 million worldwide. She then went on to win to six Juno awards for this along with several Grammies. After touring the world for a while and disillusioned with the music industry Alanis Morissette went to India for a while. On returning from there she crafted her fourth album called Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie that broke conventional song guidelines and debuted at number one. The first week sales went through the roof and soon went platinum. It was in her fifth album titled Under Rug Swept that Alanis Morissette went solo as a songwriter and a producer. This album debuted at number one in the Billboard Top 200 and sold one million copies in the U.S. and went platinum in Canada. Though her next few albums haven’t created as much ripple in the music world as the earlier ones Alanis Morissette is regarded as a formidable singer who paved the pay for other popular female singers to follow suit. No matter what the situation Alanis Morissette has proved to the world that her exceptional style of singing that doe not comply with any accepted rudiment has the capacity to mesmerize the audience and capture the essence of the human spirit.

The Ladies Rolex Super President is an exquisitely crafted watch that bears the hallmark aesthetic and functional design from Rolex. Constructed using 18 carat gold and diamond lugs this watch exudes magnificence. The Ladies Rolex Super President features a champagne coloured dial that is surrounded by 10 cut diamonds. The bracelet is crafted out of 18 carat gold and features six diamonds per link while the bezel itself features beadset diamonds. Crafted to feature a design that is sure to stun the Ladies Rolex Super President bears a striking resemblance to the aura and capacity of the incredibly talented singer Alanis Morissette. The power of the watch to stop people short in their tracks is on the same plane as Alanis Morissette’s capability of astounding listeners with the splendour of her voice.

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph and Matthew Perry – Personifying Endurance

Matthew Perry When talent is coupled with devoted labor nothing can hinder its path towards recognition and excellence. Rolex a world renowned watch manufacturing brand and the Canadian-American actor Matthew Perry share the principals of passionate commitment towards a craft and perseverance. Every Rolex watch is built with the utmost devotion and crafted in such a manner that it is able to perform flawlessly in a range of conditions. It is not the means to an end that matters rather the urge and willingness to outperform that fuels the passion as well as the performance. The elements of fortitude and resilience are inherent qualities of both the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph and the incredibly versatile actor Matthew Perry. Like the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph that performs fantastically each time, Matthew Perry has been able to leave an indelible mark on audiences everywhere.

 Matthew PerryBorn in 1969 in Williamstown located in Massachusetts, United States Matthew Perry holds both Canadian and American citizenship. Son of a Canadian journalist mother and an American model and actor Matthew Perry grew up in Ottawa. Fluent in French Matthew Perry was an avid tennis player and was rated amongst the top-ranked junior players. During the 1980’s Matthew Perry moved to Los Angeles from Ottawa to pursue his ambition of acting. Right from the time he was in high school his commitment to playing a part as realistically as possible has been praised by many people. Matthew Perry got his first professional break when he was 18 in a production titled ‘A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon’. While he was still in high school Matthew Perry pursued improv comedy at the LA Connection and soon grew to become a top performer. His original intentions was to enroll himself in the University of Southern California but an offer to star in a series titled ‘Second Chance’ changed all that and soon he appeared in a guest role number of series. Though the series lasted for a little while, it gave Matthew Perry visibility and opened other avenues for him. After a string of guest appearances that included guest spots on ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Matthew Perry landed himself his second lead role in a series called ‘Home Free’. Thought he series lasted for only 13 episodes it gave Matthew Perry some footing in the competitive television environment. He was instantly snapped up for a role as a pilot in a series titled LAX 2194.

It was during this period that Matthew Perry gave an audition for a series with a working title of ‘Six of One’ as a backup plan. The audition he gave for this series landed him a role as the globally recognized Chandler Bing in the same series the world now knows as ‘Friends’. This monumental series catapulted Matthew Perry to the pinnacle of stardom and he was nominated along with fellow actor Matt LeBlanc for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in 2002. His three appearances in the series titled ‘The West Wing’ earned him two Emmy nominations while his role in the movie ‘The Ron Clark Story’ earned him both an Emmy as well as a Golden Globe nomination. Apart from television series Matthew Perry made an appearance on a number of commercially successful movies like ‘The Whole Nine Yards’ as well at its sequel, ‘Almost Heroes’ and ‘Three to Tango’. Battling addiction as well as surviving a horrific car accident Matthew Perry etched his name as a formidable actor amongst the stars. Aspects like commitment and endurance enabled Matthew Perry to emerge as a truly remarkable actor.

 Matthew PerryCrafted with the utmost passion and an urge to perform tremendously the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph is a remarkable watch that performs under any condition. The watch features a distinct design where the date feature is placed in the 3 O’clock position with a rotatable fluted bezel. Designed with a steel and gold finish the watch employs the trademark 904l alloy that gives it remarkable durability. Water-proof up to 100 meters the sapphire crystal on the watch makes it absolutely scratch resistant. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph features a bracelet that has more than hundred moving parts that have been crafted to ensure superior comfort and a perfect fit. Built on the original 1953 model that was marketed as an adventure watch the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph is an excellent example of perfection personified. The similar characteristics that are at the core of both Matthew Perry and the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Turn-O-Graph make this Rolex timepiece an ideal watch for this versatile actor.

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Elements of an Opus: Wiener Philharmoniker Orchestra

 Wiener Philharmoniker Gold Coin The capacity of a symphony lies in its power to bring battling armies to rest and end feuding rivalry. The ability of finely composed music to create such tranquility is an aspect that stays hidden in its alluring notes. The Wiener Philharmoniker or the Vienna Philharmonic is considered to be a company of the finest musicians in the world. Rolex follows the path of perfection through dedicated work and fortitude. It is these aspects that make Rolex support endeavors that have the primary objective of achieving the highest forms of human accomplishment. The Wiener Philharmoniker is among the numerous groups and events that Rolex supports as a part of its constant campaign to promote perfection in individual triumph.

Wiener PhilharmonikerFormed in the year 1842 with Otto Nicolai as its conductor the Wiener Philharmoniker was initially known as the Philharmonische Academie. This was an autonomous body that took all its desicions on the basis of a democratic vote of all the members of the orchestra. This particular feature is still practised by the orchestra till date. When Otto Nicolai left the orchestra in 1847, it nearly collapsed and was on the verge of disappering forever. Till 1860 the orchestra remained relatively inactive it was only when Karl Anton Eckert took mover as its conductor that they began performing a series of subscription concerts. From that day onwards the orchestra has been performing continously in its own concerts. Beginning their international career way back in 1900 with Gustav Mahler as its conductor, the Wiener Philharmoniker played out of the country for the first time at the World Exposition at Paris in the same year. The popularity of the Wiener Philharmoniker has grown so exponentially that the four different Vienna Philharmonic gold coins that are issued by the World Gold Council every year are instantly snapped up by avid collectors.

 Wiener Philharmoniker in ConcertThe Wiener Philharmoniker orchestra has its home base in Musikverein and all its members are chosen from among the members of the orchestra for the Vienna State Opera. In order to be a member of this highly illustrious orchestra, musicians need to prove their capability. The prerequisite for applying for the Wiener Philharmoniker is that the musician should have been a part of an opera or ballet for at least a period of three years. After completing this requirement the aspiring musician should send an application to the Wiener Philharmoniker for consideration. The rigorous recruitment procedure ensures that the musicians that form a part of this world class orchestra are the finest in the world. A regulation that was put in place in 1933 stated that only guest conductors will conduct the Wiener Philharmoniker orchestra in both Vienna and elsewhere.

The music that some of the finest musicians produce when in perfect harmony with each other is something so divine that even the harshest of critics is stunned at the flawless synchronization and the incredible melody. The frenzied performance of the Wiener Philharmoniker is enough to stir the deepest thoughts and create a sense of such serenity on one hand and an absolute rush on the other, clearly reflects the remarkable power of music over us. Rolex has been closely associated with this illustrious group of musicians that have been conquering the hearts and minds of men with their flawless execution of divine musical notes.

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