Rolex Oyster For The Jolly Jim

Rolex Oyster PerpetualWhen one thinks of Rolex the first aspect that comes to the mind is the capacity of the watch to be flawlessly functional yet extremely versatile. The Canadian born Actor Jim Carrey displays the same versatility inherent to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust II. Form and functionality come together in a symphony of sorts in both the meticulously crafted Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust II and the incredibly talented actor and stand-up comedian Jim Carrey. Every watch from the house of Rolex is crafted with the same dedicated and time-honoured passion that is a hallmark of this world renowned brand. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust II is a perfect watch for the brilliant actor Jim Carrey as they both possess the same aptitude for perfection and functional resourcefulness.

Jim CarreyBorn in 1962 in Ontario in Canada, Jim Carrey symbolizes the capacity of incredible adaptability and a drive that makes the most overwhelming of tasks seem small. With a career that spans over two decades in the entertainment business, Jim Carrey might have been working at the steel mills in Ontario. But destiny had other plans for this powerhouse who was ready to unleash his antics on unsuspecting audiences everywhere. He began his career in 1979 under the guidance of Leatrice Spevack as a stand-up comedian in a club in Toronto. In a short span of two years he rose to become a hot favourite even among the critics. In the early part of 1980’s Jim Carrey moved to Los Angeles to work at The Comedy Store. After this he worked in a string of comedy productions but his first real break came on the short lived NBC show called The Duck Factory. Though it was his on screen antics in the show ‘In Living Colour’ that caught the attention of Hollywood producers and gave him access to films. Right from his first movie Rubberface to the critically rebuked Ace Ventura: Pet Detective that got him the Raspberry award for the worst actor Jim Carrey has worked his way up through tremendous determination. The Ace Ventura franchise was a huge commercial success that in turn got Jim multi-million dollar paychecks and finally got him a foothold in the industry. He appeared in a number of comedy movies so much so that people regarded him as only a comedy actor but the world had yet to witness the versatility of Jim. Like a storm that appears out the calm horizon Jim hit the silver screen with his powerful performance in The Truman Show. With two Golden globe awards to his name for The Truman Show and The Man on the Moon Jim Carrey had revealed to the world his capacity to perform a range of characters. The movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind earned him raging reviews for his incredible performance. Added to the already growing number of achievements was the tremendous performance of Bruce Almighty at the box office. In the decades Jim Carrey has been around he has portrayed a gamut of characters with extreme ease and shown his inherent capacity to reinvent himself. This is a hallmark of a great actor who just doesn’t play a part but lives and breathes it. This unparalleled achievement is possible only due to fortitude, sheer labour and incredible perseverance.

Jim CarreyThe Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust II crafted by the master craftsmen at Rolex was designed to possess the aspects of performance, function, aesthetic design and versatile function. Constructed by fusing gold and steel in an incredibly alluring design the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust II features a gold fluted bezel. Built using the original, classic and robust design that was introduced in 1945 the new version is slightly larger by 5 mm. it goes without saying that the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust II was constructed using the finest materials and a lot of meticulous engineering. The intricately carved numerals on the dial are so distinct that they catch your attention immediately. The buckle consists of more than hundred different pieces that have been put together with the utmost care to ensure comfort and durability. Like all the other models from the world famous Rolex brand the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust II is a combination of superb functionality encompassed in an aesthetic design. The most significant aspect of the watch is its remarkable design that enables it to be inherently versatile and perform under a range of conditions.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust II mirrors the adaptability and the determined vision of the brilliant and exceptionally talented actor Jim Carrey.

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Perceiving a Symphony: Rolex and Gregory

Gregory Colbert's Vision- Ashes and SnowRolex has moved far beyond the original idea of merely manufacturing premium watches. Over the course of the many decades Rolex has been around it has actively supported numerous sports and cultural activities. The only criteria for endorsing such events is that these activities should be continuous in their pursuit towards achieving the highest form of human perfection that would redefine all preconceived notions. The Rolex Institute is an offshoot of the Rolex brand and it encompasses all philanthropic activities that include patronage, education initiatives and various specialized activities. The Rolex Institute honors and sustains individuals who have been able to flawlessly execute their craft in such a manner that the world looks on in absolute awe and amazement.. Among the patronage Rolex provides to exceptional artists the most significant is probably the sponsorship of a master artist Gregory Colbert who has transformed human vision through his monumental work ‘Ashes and Snow’.

The Rolex Institute LogoThe exceptional visionary Gregory Colbert was born in 1960 in Toronto, Canada. A man whose stature is defined by his incredible work that is as revolutionary as man breaking the shackles of gravity to finally soar among the clouds. His first exhibition was titled ‘Timewaves’ that premiered at Elysee in Switzerland in 1992 to raving reviews. After this exhibition this filmmaker and photographer began traveling the world and discovered how human thought could translate into art. Gregory Colbert launched more than sixty expeditions to the deserts, mountains, dry parched lands, lush valleys, placid lakes and cascading waterfalls across India, Burma, Kenya, Egypt, Antarctica, Sri Lanka and Dominica to capture the intriguing forces that bind man to nature. Over 130 different species of animals and numerous indigenous tribes, monks and trance dancers form a part of his colossal work ‘Ashes and Snow’. Ten years after his first exhibition Gregory premiered his mammoth work ‘Ashes and Snow’ in 2002 at Venice in Italy. Housed in a temporary bamboo structure that covers more than 12600 square meters the world finally laid their eyes on an exhibit that is extraordinary both in its magnitude and range. Prominent newspapers around the world wrote frenzied reviews about ‘Ashes and Snow’. Probably the largest one man shows to ever be exhibited in Europe this unprecedented body of work has the capacity to capture the viewer and transport the mind to a mood where patience and silence are the only aspects that govern the mind. Gregory Colbert chose to discover and comprehend the relationship of man with animals and the power that lies in the extraordinary harmonious interaction between the two. The nomadic museum a permanent home of these exhibits has traveled to New York City, California, Tokyo and Mexico City. Plans to exhibit the ‘Ashes and Snow’ in other areas around the world are already in the pipeline.

Ashes and Snow sponsored by RolexTill date this incomparable exhibit has drawn more than 10 million visitors that makes the ‘Ashes and Snow’ the most visited exhibit by any living artist on this planet. Gregory Colbert is responsible for launching the Flying Elephants campaign that patronizes those individuals that seek to help the environment through their craft.

Rolex is proud to be associated with such an exemplary master who has completely redefined the concept of envisioned art and been able hold the world in reverence. Gregory Colbert crashed though the existing comprehension of art like a meteorite and with this monumental work he has successfully been able to explore the depths of human existence in relation to the symphony of nature.

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The Adventures Of Keanu Reeves And The Rolex DateJust Turn-o-Graph

Keanu ReevesIt is the craving for adventure and ofcourse inherent courage, which makes a man capable of conquering the world. The aptitude for adventure and the fortitude to prevail is what binds Keanu Reeves and the Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph. Unrelenting determination to achieve and to find its rightful and well-deserved place among the scores of watches out there, the Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph epitomizes the core qualities that have driven Keanu Reeves to dizzying heights of success. Yet another masterpiece from Rolex- the Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph symbolizes true quality and incredible craftsmanship. Patience, passion and the resolute will to perform are qualities that are at the core of the Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph as well as in the heart of the incredibly resilient actor Keanu Reeves.

Time and again Keanu Reeves has proven to the world that daunting challenges are offered not only to men who seek to find their place among stars but also inspire and leave behind stories and legends of their courage. Born in the year 1964 Keanu Reeves, the amazingly talented actor has more than fifty movies to his credit. The long list of movies Keanu has starred in have been critically acclaimed as well as commercially successful. Fighting all odds to gain a foothold in the Hollywood industry Keanu has catapulted to join the list of Americas all time favorite actors. His Hawaiian name Keanu means a ‘cool breeze over the mountains’ and he himself personifies the same tranquility and a certain sense of harmony. He defeated dyslexia to finish his education and become the star hockey player of his school. Nicknamed ‘The Wall’ this courageous actor has had to battle many unforeseen hindrances to reach the top of the ladder. Playing the part of Neo in the Matrix movies, one of the most successful movie franchises of all time he captured the imagination of audiences around the world and has been recognized as a formidable actor in the Hollywood industry. All this fame and fortune has only come to him after years of trials and tribulations that have tested his strength, courage and character. But his indomitable will does not see any barriers and he has always moved beyond them to emerge triumphant.

Rolex-Turn-O-GraphThe Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph has been crafted by master craftsmen who drew on their incredible will to construct a watch that exudes passion and flawless performance. The Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph features a bi-directional bezel and displays the date at the 3’oclock position. This self-winding waterproof watch, which withstands pressure up to 330 feet, was launched way back in 1953. A symbol of adventure, the Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph features Mercedes style hands that replaced the pencil style hands after the earlier version was re-mastered to gain perfection and flawless performance. Its incredible design has been a source of inspiration to a number of watches around the world i.e. the inverted triangle on the top of the 12 o’ clock position. This steel and yellow gold watch uses the trademark 904L alloy of steel and features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The bracelet is as fantastic as the watch itself and is composed of more than a hundred moving parts that can be adjusted to give you the most prefect fit. Precise craftsmanship coupled with a passion to build an incredible watch have culminated to form the Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph.

Surmounting the toughest and most overwhelming challenges is essence of the Rolex DateJust Turn-o-graph and Keanu Reeves. When the spirit is stronger than the most daunting of problems it has the ability to prevail and emerge as something that is not only the finest there ever was but more so as legend comes up in stories told for all eternity.

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A legendary Alliance- Rolex And Canadian Yatch Association

Yachts from CYAApart from having a long history of manufacturing flawless watches Rolex has been associated with sporting events and organizations that stand for and promote remarkable talent, unsurpassable determination and outstanding achievement. Rolex, a world class brand name has a proud history of funding exceptional individuals and organizations that share its zest for redefining skill and setting a whole new definition of perfection. Among the various events and organizations Rolex supports is the Canadian Yachting Association. Rolex has been actively supporting this incredible organization right from 1986. Rolex supports an annually held CYA program along with the Rolex Awards Banquet. Skilled and exceptional Canadian sailors that have brought recognition through their incredible performances to sailing are awarded the Rolex Sailor of the year Award.

RolexThe Canadian Yachting Association or the CYA is a member of the International Sailing Federation. The CYA is a regulatory authority that controls Canada’s waters. The sailing organization in Canada is divided into four groups-Provincial Sailing Organizations, Yacht Clubs, Class Associations and the CYA. The CYA has the responsibility of training the sailors for the national teams including the members for the Olympic games, creating sailing and power boating courses and registering and covering the various instructors. Earlier the CYA had formulated and implemented a seven level sailing course that comprised White sail for levels I, II and III. At this level sailors were taught the basics like points of sail, capsizing and sail trim. The Bronze for levels IV and V teaches sailors advanced skills like Spinnaker and Trapeze sailing while the Silver for level VI teaches sailors the basics of racing. The Gold for the VII and final level teaches them the finer nuances and advanced racing techniques. However a new format that was formulated is currently being put into operation by CYA. According to the new rules sailors who were earlier supposed to pass the V level of Bronze before they could undertake advanced racing techniques don’t have to now. The new system introduces a ‘learn to race’ level that has no prerequisite and any sailor who wishes to learn to race and master its techniques does not have to clear the Bronze level. The earlier system had five instructors- green for the White sail level, blue for the Bronze level, red for the Silver Level and orange for the Gold level. The new system adds the ‘learn to race’ instructor along with high performance instructors who help train and evaluate sailors who have world recognition in sailing. A range of other instructors who fulfill certain specialized roles are currently being considered by CYA to be added to the system.

Rolex has been supporting the CYA for over two decades now. Rolex is not merely a luxury brand, it seeks to be more by assisting various organizations and skilled people achieve their goal of excellence. Pursuing perfection and talent Rolex continually supports individuals who demolish the existing standards and redefine the world by mastering their craft through honor, skill and devotion.

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