Rolex and its Association with Popular Cultural Events

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Rolex is a brand which is popular not only for its watches, but also for its endeavor in nurturing different art forms. Over the years, it has associated itself with some major cultural events, which provide a platform for the aspirants and also acknowledge an individual's expertise in his/her field. Some of the great cultural events sponsored by Rolex include the following:

Verbier Festival

Started in 1994, it is a popular classical music festival which showcases both masters and young artists from all over the world. Drawing over 40,000 spectators every year, this event creates, develops, and promotes excellence in the field of music. Since 2000, Rolex has been sponsoring this festival with the primary objective of associating itself with some very talented artists who have made their mark in the field of music through sheer hard work and dedication.

Operalia: The World Opera Competition

Founded in 1993 by Placido Domingo, this is a huge event to discover young talent in the field of Opera Singing. A panel of renowned international Opera personalities select Opera singers for all voice categories. The aspirants come from different corners of the world. This event takes place every year in a different city.

This is a great platform for singers in the age group of 18 to 30 years, irrespective of their voice category. Out of around 1000 applicants, only the top 40 are selected and invited to participate in the competition every year. Singers consider it a great honor to be able to showcase their talent in front of the whole world through this popular Rolex-sponsored competition.

The Rolex Mentor and Protege Arts Initiative

Rolex went one step further by starting this biennial international philanthropic program in June of 2002. Conducted at the company's headquarters in Geneva, it brings together highly talented, young artists from every field: dance, film, literature, music, theater, and visual arts. They are selected from different corners of the world and are allowed to interact face-to-face with great mentors in their respective fields. The program is characterized by a year-long creative collaboration between a fresh talent and a genius.

This one-to-one mentoring relationship allows the emerging artists to learn, create, and grow under the supportive guidance of their talented mentors--a great initiative on the part of Rolex, enabling it to continue with its tradition of harnessing individual excellence.