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The Rolex Day Date President

The Rolex Day-Date President

Introduced at the Basel Fair in 1956, the Rolex Day Date became one of the flagship models of Rolex. Customers appreciated this watch for its uniqueness in showing both the date and the day on the dial unlike previous models. Today, the day is spelled out in 26 different languages, which greatly increases the overall market for this watch.

Rolex Day-Date Presidential Models Currently Available

Current models are available in either platinum or 18k gold (made in its own foundry by Rolex). However, there are many different options in gold Day Date models. For instance, you can go for the yellow gold, white gold, or the elegant everose gold (pink) versions. Although all Rolex Day Date models feature a standard 36mm case for both men and women, a few models are also available in 39mm case size. The Rolex Presidential models have become popular for the huge variety that they offer in dials, bezels, and bracelets.

Variety in Dials

The basic dial is the one that features the Roman numerals or Arabic numerals with no precious stone added. Still, there are several unique dial styles in this category, such as ice blue dial with Roman numerals, ice blue/bronze/blue/champagne waves dial with Arabic numerals, white or pink dial (available in white gold and pink gold models respectively) with Roman numerals and many more. If you are looking for a jewelry dial in Day Date models, the standard option available features 8 round cut diamonds and 2 baguette diamonds. In particular, the rhodium dial with precious stones has been very popular. At the higher end, some of the most sought after options available for you include the following:

    The Rolex Day-Date President
  • 18k gold Mother of Pearl (MOP) Myriad Serti/Roman/Arabic diamond dial
  • Mother of Pearl Arabic dial with 2 round cut diamonds/rubies
  • Mother of Pearl dial set with 10 baguette diamonds/round cut diamonds/sapphires/emeralds
  • 18k gold "Pave" diamond dial with onyx/sapphire markers
  • 18k gold "Pave Extra Large" diamond dial
  • Jubilee dial set with 10 round cut diamonds

Variety in Bezels

Domed and fluted bezel are the most popular bezel styles in Day Date models. However, there are many who prefer bezels set with round cut diamonds. Rolex offers this option as well. Some of the intriguing varieties include:

  • Polished bezel in platinum and 18k yellow gold
  • Fluted bezel in 18k yellow gold/ white gold
  • Bark finish bezel in 18k yellow gold/white gold
  • 18K yellow or white gold bezel set with 44/40 round cut diamonds or 42 baguette diamonds The Rolex Day-Date President

Variety in Bracelets

The "President" bracelet with concealed clasp is something that everyone expects to find in all Rolex Day Date models. However, as a major breakthrough, Rolex released the Day Date watch with an Oyster Special Edition bracelet in 2000. It was made available in 18k yellow gold, white gold, and pink (rose) gold. The Day Date Model 11820 series are the watches outfitted with the new Oyster bracelet, and these models turned out to be one of the heaviest watches that Rolex ever offered. The clasp style on the bracelet is either concealed or regular. Today, if you are planning to buy a Rolex Presidential watch, you will find numerous options, including:

  • President/ Super President bracelet in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum
  • Tridor Super President bracelet in white gold
  • Bark Finish Super President bracelet in yellow gold
  • Super President Karat/baguette bracelet in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum
  • Super Jubilee Karat bracelet in yellow gold
  • Bicolor (yellow & white gold) Super Jubilee Karat

Like other currently available Rolex watches, the Day Date model features 31-jewel chronometer movement and a synthetic sapphire crystal. It is waterproof to a depth of 330 feet below the surface.

The Rolex Day-Date President

The First Rolex Day Date Model

Model 6511 was the first Rolex Day Date model, made available in 18k gold or platinum. The date was displayed at the 3 o'clock position while the date was spelled out at the 12 o'clock position. Powered by the caliber 1055 movement, the model also flaunted a Cyclops lens just over the date display. The powerful attraction of the model was its new bracelet that was named the "President". Although the model was quite large when compared to other models of that time, it immediately became a favorite of the Rolex fan base.

The Story Behind Its Nick Name: "The President"

The model 6511 featured a new bracelet that was named the "President" when Rolex decided to give one to President Dwight D. Eisenhower in honor of his re-election. The word "President" never appeared on the dial. However, it became popular as the "President Model". Later, other United States Presidents were proud to show-off this impressive model. This publicity led Rolex to undertake an advertising campaign with the slogan, "Men who guide the destinies of the world wear Rolex watches." Hence, today the Rolex Day Date is popularly known as the "President" or "Presidential".

Technological Advancements Introduced Over Time

The Rolex Day Date model has gone through several technological improvements to increase its value and popularity. These advancements include:

New Movement: In 1957, one year after the inception of the first model 6511, Rolex introduced a new model 6611 that featured an improved movement. This new model was incredibly accurate. This was the reason why it became the first Rolex model to have the terms "Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified" engraved on its dial.

Hack Feature: In 1972, Rolex equipped all its Day Date models with the hack or hacking feature. This feature allows the second hand to stop completely once the winding crown is pulled out fully to set the time. This feature made the job of the owner easier because now they could synchronize the time on one or more watches.

Quick Set Feature: In the late 1970s, Rolex introduced the quick set feature in all Day Date models. This feature made it possible to set the date with the help of the winding stem without having to advance the hour hand past the midnight position.

New Sapphire Crystal: In order to make its watches more waterproof and scratch resistant, Rolex introduced the new sapphire crystal in the early 1980s. This new feature improved the appearance of the watches by giving them a slimmer look.

Double Quick Set Feature: In the late 1990s, Rolex unveiled yet another improvement called the double quick set feature. It was a great step towards improving the Day Date models because now it was possible to individually set both the date and the day using the winding stem.

All these technological changes have led to the Day Date model that we know today — a true symbol of prestige and luxury. With the Oyster case protecting the movement under even the most extreme conditions, this watch is truly a masterpiece of class and endurance.