The Rolex Cellini

The Rolex Cellini

The Cellini line is one of the three major categories of Rolex watches (Oyster Perpetual and Professional being the other two). It represents the Rolex line of “dressy” watches. These high class, formal watches have helped define Rolex as a luxury brand. Popular for their charm and elegance, most of the Cellini models feature highly-accurate quartz movements.

Current Rolex Cellini Watches

There are seven types of Rolex wristwatches currently available under Cellini line. These include the following:

The Cellini Cellinium: Available in platinum, the Cellinium is an exceptional model known for its elegance and charisma. Its most attractive feature is its small second hand at the 6 o'clock position. The black leather strap with platinum folding clasp renders a simple yet stylish look. Featuring a hand-wound movement, it offers two popular dial options: black dial and white decorated mother-of-pearl dial. The polished and wide bezel is an added attraction.

The Cellini Quartz: The Cellini line also includes some classy models with quartz movements. Their elegance lies in their extraordinary finish. For instance, men's Cellini Quartz in white gold is an impressive model. Its blue (or red) leather strap with white gold folding clasp matches perfectly with its blue (or white) dial featuring Roman numerals.

The Cellini Cellissima: If you are looking for a dressy Rolex wristwatch in white gold, the Cellini Cellissima will be your clear choice. Available only in white gold and with the quartz movement, it offers wide options in dials, bracelets, and bezels. Its attraction lies in high quality, sparkling diamonds outfitted in either bezel or case-to-bracelet attachments, or both. The white dial or the pink dial with Roman numerals looks impressive. The case comes in two popular shapes: round and tonneau. The ladies' Cellissima models sport leather straps with a gold folding clasp. The colors available for the leather straps are red, green, and blue. The polished bezel and end pieces set with round cut diamonds can be a great, stylish choice.

The Cellini Danaos: This is a unique Rolex Cellini, where ladies' versions are available with a quartz movement and men's models are hand-wound. The elegant ladies' Danaos model comes in pink and white gold with a round case. Featuring a black dial with Arabic numerals, it comes with a brown leather strap complimenting the black dial. The men's Danaos comes in 18k white gold featuring a black and silver dial with Arabic numerals. Its black leather strap with gold folding clasp adds charm to its appearance.

The Cellini Prince: Designed for men only, this model is one of the truly unique Rolex models for its rectangular case and transparent case back, giving you the view of the movement. This model is available in 18k yellow gold, white gold, or everose gold. Like the Prince model introduced in the early 1930s, the Cellini Prince currently available features a small dial at the 6 o'clock position for displaying the time in seconds. Featuring a hand-wound movement, this model offers the maximum variety in dials such as rayon flamme de la gloire dial with Arabic numerals, silver godron dial with Roman numerals, clou de paris dial with Roman and Arabic numerals, and many more. You can also go for black or brown leather straps with a gold folding clasp.

The Cellini Cestello: A wide range of exquisite dials and leather straps sets this model apart from the others. Featuring a round case and hand-wound movement, this model is available in yellow gold, white gold, and pink gold. The brown leather strap is truly elegant, providing a perfect contrast to the white dial with Arabic numerals. The black mother-of-pearl dial with Roman numerals is equally impressive.

The Cellini Orchid: A perfect ladies' watch, this model is a special Rolex wristwatch fitted with round cut diamonds in its bezel, dial, and bracelet. The gem-set case with diamond markers make it easily distinguishable from other Rolex models. The option of leather strap is also available. Featuring a quartz movement, the Cellini Orchid is available in yellow gold and white gold. The white mother-of-pearl dial set with diamonds makes it no less than a jewelry item.

Apart from the aforementioned seven main types of Rolex Cellini watches, there are also many other types such as Cellini Karat (for ladies), Cellini Parantheses, Cellini Gourmette, Cellini Almond, Cellini Zephyr, Cellini Biseau, Cellini Midas-First Clous de Paris, Cellini Ligne Douce, Cellini Classic (pocket watch), Cellini Clous de Paris, Cellini First, Cellini Jubilee, and others.

Outfitted with precious stones, Rolex Cellini line watches are both elegant and stylish. People love them both for their unique appearance and the manner in which they enhance the class and standing of the individual. They truly are distinct from other Rolex models and command a high price. Still, they remain in constant demand because their attainment has come to represent the fulfillment of a dream in high societies across the world. To be perfectly clear, a Rolex Cellini conveys class.